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11 Comic Cuts 04-News 04: The Hindu - Local Comics initiative By Ka-Suvadi Team

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Welcome back to TCU. It is raining comics news’ and Yours Truly is happy to report them to the ComiRades. Hopefully the same trend will continue and TCU may post many, many Comic Cuts / Comics News posts in the future.

Die Hard comic Fans / Fans who follow the Websites / Blogs on comics may remember this initiative taken by 4 brilliants some six months back. In fact, there were some postings and links to this particular website at that time itself. Since TCU made it’s debut much later than that, we have the news on that now only. Kindly visit this particular website and have a close look into the hard work they have put into crafting this piece of Comic. Then you will realize how hard the making of a strip is.

The Hindu – National Daily – Chennai Edition – Issue dated 10-09-2008 – News on the New comics initiative by Ka-Suvadi Team

The Hindu Dated 10-09-2008nKa-Suvadi

Source: The Hindu, English News Paper                                                                                                            Dated: 10th September 2008

Reference:                                                                                             Scan Courtesy: Ayyampalayam Venki Sir.

Well, that's all for the time being & As usual, post your comments in the comments section. For those who want to Pen their thoughts in Tamil, Kindly Use the Option Provided in the Widget in the Blog.

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King Viswa.


  1. Viswa Ji,

    Today i have purchased some new set of books from Titan Books, London.

    They have complete set of 7 Modesty Blaise Books & 4 Series on Ian flemming's James Bond 007.

    I Purchased some for just having a sample.They Cost me a Bomb.

    You know what, The modesty Blaise Book is priced at $ 19.95 each (Which in terms of Rs is 887.00

    Yes sir. Rs 887.00 for a single book (Even though it consists of 3-4 Stories, Mostly published in Lion/Muthu/Rani Comics) i purchased them for the heck of it.

    Compared to them, the James bond collection was good in terms of Prime. Each one of them cost $19.95 (Which in terms of Rs is 796.00).

    The James Bond collection was also has stories which were published in Rani Comics/James Bond Comics etc.

    Do not wonder on the fact that even though Both the books are priced at $ 19.95 how come there could be any difference on the Indian Value.

    The trick lies in the time of Publishing. The Modesty Series was published in September 2004 (Yes, 4 Years Ago) and at that time The Dollar value was high.

    The James Bond Book was published at Jan 2007 & hence the difference in pricing.

    Go and buy these books. They are worth preserving, even though you may have them scanned already.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Chezhiyan K

  2. Hi,

    i saw the details about this website or a link leading for this site some time ago in a Tamil blog. Couldn't recall the site, though.

    Thanks for letting me know about this for the second time.

    By the way, that website is too slow & my chrome browser says that it may be harmful for my browser to enter that site.

    All the best for the 4 guys for doing a commendable job.

  3. Viswa - Welcome to the exciting world of blogging. Finally your own piece of real estate in the web land. :-) Thanks for sending me the link, otherwise I would not have noticed it. I'll now actively promote the link.

    Chezhiyan - Modesty and James Bond series from Titan Books are on-going(started in 2004). So far 13 Modesty Blaise issues were released. Next is due this month titled Green Cobra. 14 issues were released in James Bond series so far. I guess the price has got nothing to do with the exchange rate at the time of publishing, rather the current exchange rate, as the overseas books are more or less priced based on the daily exchange rate in India. If you are getting the old books at cheaper rate it means there too many unsold copies. Good for us :-) Yes, they are definitely worth collecting, but the old James Bond and Modesty series, published in 1986/87 were much better than the current series as far as the quality of print is concerned. Happy collecting.

  4. Muthu Fan: Am Honoured By Your Visit to My Blog & Comment. Thanks for the same.

    Chezhiyan: Thanks for the Info on The Titan Books & I Got really surprised when you said that you've bought these Books to present to me on Starting this Blog. Such a Wonderful gesture, Thanks a Ton.

    Malta: Yes, the information was already informed By The ReDoubtable Lucky Look, The Best who is out there to Blog.

  5. Hi,

    Nice blog. Since Lioncomics official site is closed, ur's a big relief for old, die-hard comic fans.

    please keep it up! by the way, please change the comment moderation!


  6. Viswa: Good to see you keeping all of us abreast with the latest articles on the newspapers. In this fast paced world, not everyone gets a chance to read through the available media. Your site will act as a good comics aggregator for all of us.

    Chezhiyan: I did see those Titan comics on the bookstores. But they are pretty highly priced with exchange rate. So, it's not within my cup of Tea. :) Just for the collection I have one which I purchased during my last trip. Hopefully, I could get those items at a bargain prices sometime.

    Rafiq Raja

  7. No no this Audio book is not about our favorite Muthu comic's top hero. But happy to see the impact Muthu comics has created on the Author of this book!

    -Karthik S S

  8. Josh: Thanks for your visit & comments. Will work on the comments moderation part as well.

    Rafiq: Thanks for your comments. Yes, i do agree that we do not have much time to see/read all the available magazines. However, my profession makes it sure that i really do. Will try to update regularly on the happenings on Comics field.

    Karthik: Yes, i do know that the book you are talking about is not about steel claw. In fact, i do own a copy of that book. it is about the Iron/Steel Baron Lakshmi Mittal. That book was published in New Horizon media & Audio Book was a success. I Do remember talking to one of them when they launched the audio Book concept in 2008 Jan Chennai Book Exhibition. they were quite thrilled about it.

    You can have a look into their site in

    By the way, they do have a plan for children. Their imprint for them is called Prodigy for which they tied up with Suryan FM to sponsor one Programme and give away books to the callers.

    Mark my words, Mr Badri (Of New Horizon Media) will be remembered as the pioneer in the Books / Publication field and will become a legend.

  9. From The Desk Of Rebel Ravi:

    Hi Viswa,
    Nice Blog you got. The content idea is such that it enthused me to have look into this.

    However, i do have a small suggestion to make. Let the background be light and words be in Dark as opposed to your current format which is very straining to the eye.

    Rebel Ravi,
    Change is the Only constant thing in this world.

  10. Viswa

    Bravo. This blog is quite useful one . You guys are doing a great work .Keep the good work going. Infact i have stopped visitng book store to see any new book have arrived or not.Just counting on you and rafiq to knew any book have comed or not.

    Any updates on Star comics. Do clarify it .

    Adios amico


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