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8 Review N2: Comics Classics No 23-Kaatril Karaindha Kappalgal + Moolai Thirudargal

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After a Long Hiatus (Well not very Long By Their Custom), We have received The Latest issue of Comics Classics Today. For the Un-initiated, Comics Classics was from the stable of Prakash Publishers for the Younger generation of fans who were finding it hard to get the golden oldies and to re-Kindle the nostalgia for the old timers. And, hence the Formation of a new series of comics in the late 90's to provide the best of the best of the old stories from the Lion / Muthu comics.

The general format of Comics classics were:

  • All the issues will be in Pocket size (Exception being Issue no 9)
  • Each issue having two stories (Exceptions being issue no 9 , issue no 10 <3>, issue no 18 <3>)
  • Each issue will be having a soft cover (Exception being issue no 15 which had a hard cover)
  • Each issue will be priced at INR 10.00
  • Each issue will be of 244 Pages (Exceptions being issue no 9 for obvious reasons)
  • Combination used for stories will be similar to that of the Fleetway series (Stupendous Series featuring steel claw and Spider and Secret agent series featuring Johnny Nero and Lawrence David).
  • Editor's note called as Old is Gold (Discontinued from issue no 7).
Have a Look into the 1st Old is Gold Note by the editor.

Have a look into the complete set of Books that were published so far from Comics classics:

Die-Hard comic fans may Remember that this was advertised in the Now Defunct Lion Comics Official Website last year August. However, Prakash publishers released another Comics Classics (Issue no 22) in January this year making this particular year a very good one for Tamil comic fans, considering the fact that in the last 2 years, there were no comics classics. Brand: Comics Classics (Prakash Publishers,TN, India).

Title: Kaatril Karaindha Kappalgal & Moolai Thirudargal

Cover Design: Soft Cover, Non Laminated, Normal Cover.

Serial Number: No. 23.

Size: Pocket Size (Just like the golden Period Of Comics).

Advertised: August 15th 2007 (13 months before)

On Sale: 15th September 2008 Onwards.

Total No. of Pages: 244 (122 + 122), Black & White.

Price: Priceless for Comic Fans; For others, INR 10/-

Continuity: No Announcement on the Next Issue.

Hot Line / Editor's Note: Not Applicable.

Scan Courtesy: From the Ex Site of Lion Comics.

Have a look at the cover scan of Kaatril Karaindha Kappalgal. This particular story is considered a Cult classic by the Die-Hard comic Fans. The Hype was such that after one particular Comic-Discussion, I Bought a Old Comic of the Above at the rate of Rs 600/- in 2007 May. Now, This may be quite normal by the collectors standards. However, you have to consider the condition of the book. The Book had no covers & starting pages. Yes, Yours truly bought a book which started from Page no 7 (The irony is that the book got published as the Book No 7 in Muthu comics & later to be Re-Printed as issue no 143). However, i had to agree that this one was a special story among the Lawrence & David series. The Villain in this story is quite an interesting person. Kindly read the story. Am not reviewing the story as of right now, as there could be many fans who may not have read this story earlier.

The second story of the issue was Moolai Thirudargal. This one was published as issue no 18 in normal size in Muthu comics and was re-Printed as issue no 141 in pocket size. The art work for this Johnny Nero classic was so radically different from the other Johnny Nero stories (Let me post that as a different entry). The best part is that i bought this book (the re-print version) in 1996 from a library and they had One page torn in-between. So, this particular Comics classics in a way, completed those shortcomings.

This particular story is one of the Classic Detective story with superb set-piece action and chases which will make a good movie envy of the standard of the book. The manner in which Col. Jacob appears in the climax and the Punch line that he uses at Nero is very much unforgettable.

Thanks to Muthu Fan, i came to know that Prakash publishers use the same original covers of Fleetway as a model to make their covers. Have a look into the original Fleetway cover.

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  1. From The Desk Of Rebel Ravi:

    You are one hell of a Guy. How come you can update a book with scans in such a quick time, when many of us are yet to get the book in our hands. Awesome.

    Hoping that you subscribe the books. Kindly tell me where in chennai i can get the books? Somewhere in your blog, you've mentioned that you will do a posting on the comics available places in and around chennai. Eagerly waiting for that.

    I Used to buy Comics when i go to Nagercoil.

    However, i do have a small suggestion to make. Let the background be light and words be in Dark as opposed to your current format which is very straining to the eye.

    Rebel Ravi,
    Change is the Only constant thing in this world.

  2. Turbo Fast Post, along with Facts, way to go Viswa. I haven't received my subscription copy yet. will blog abt it once I get that on hand.

    Rafiq Raja

  3. Very Fast Update Mate.

    Because i live in chennai as you do; However, Am yet to receive the same yesterday when you posted. In fact i have received the same only today.

    I do believe that you must be a complete Comic-Holic as you are uploading many things from such a short time.

    P.S: Sent you a mail. Have a look.


  4. Received my copy too y'day. Viswa should be having some agent to receive his subscription copy a day in advance than others. Grr.... :)

    Good to finally receive a long advertised Classics. Will blog abt it this week (as if there is anything left to blog after Viswa's post..... :)).

    By the way, good to see you have added the followers gadget, and popup comment option. Keep improving the layout.

    Rafiq Raja

  5. what is the next title in Classics?

    Any idea?

    Kindly update.

  6. From The Desk Of Rebel Ravi:


    in the back cover of the present muthu comics issue 311, this book is advertised as "have you read?". after 4 months?

    does it show:

    (1) this muthu comics cover got ready by sept /oct itself?

    (2) the advert is used as a filler.

    (3) to boost the sales of comics classics.

    what do you say?

    Rebel Ravi,
    Change is the Only constant thing in this world.

  7. From The Desk Of Rebel Ravi:

    Just now saw the anony comment over here. i hope that Mr Anny's question is answered by Mr Vijayan after 4.5 months.

    Rebel Ravi,
    Change is the Only constant thing in this world.


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