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11 TCU Comi-Contest 1: Guess the Names

Dear ComiRades,

This contest was announced in the review of Iceberg Comics' Issue No 1 and was reminded in all the posts since then. However, when i keep on receiving Calls / SMS's / Mails stating that where is the contest, then i decided to Post these as a separate post itself. Here are the Contest details:

In the 1st issue of Iceberg comics, there were 3 Trailers of Forthcoming issues that were advertised. All you need to win some exciting prizes is to guess the Series Title / Lead Character.Post that as a comment over here & you are entitled to win prizes.

Here comes the 1st trailer: Looks like a Science fiction story. Since many people called me to provide Clues to solve this, Am providing one over here: Read the synopsis given next to the panels and that's it.

Here comes the 2nd Trailer: Period / Historic Series. You want clues to this one as well? Post that as a comment & then i will give the clue.

Finally, the 3rd Trailer: Looks like an Action packed Adventure series. For a Clue on this, Go back to Old Lion Comics issues (in the last 6 years) and you will get her name like a Flash.

Send the answers in this page only so that it is easy to moderate the entries. I have received 8 answers (7 in Mail & 1 in Post as a comment).

For the starters, all you need to do is look at the comments section just below my name in this post & click that. A Pop up box will open and all you have to do is type the answer in that and post it. That's all.

Thanks & Regards,
King Viswa.


  1. Dear மும்மூர்த்திகளே [Muthufan, Rafiq & Viswa],

    You guys are doing a GREAT job!!!

    The time you spend on each post is beyond my imagination... guys how do you manage to find time!!! I feel ashamed I don't even try to dig out sometime to put a decent half pager comments :(

    And for the first time I am logging in with my Gmail ID and leaving a comment :)

    A big thank you to 3 of you for rekindling the memories...

    A request:
    Can you please share the comics inventory spreadsheet you maintain?

    A question:
    "Yours truely"?? why is this phrase appearing often in between the blog entries of Rafiq and Viswa??

    Best regards,
    Karthik S S

  2. Dear Karthik: Would love to do so on your request.

    Yours truly is a phrase which is used to mean "Myself" and i have been using this since my 12th standard, no special reason for that. Rafiq may also be fascinated by the term and been using that. That's all.

    Thanks for the visit. Try your luck in the contest. Who knows, It could be you who ends up in receiving a prize from Yours Truly. Ha Ha Ha (See, i used the phrase again).

  3. Well, I don't know whether this will be right. But anyhow, as it is always taught to me from School days, "Participation is the key" :)

    1. Aldebron (from the Tamil synopsis, the storyline looks to have derived heavily from Men In Black, including the artwork)

    2. This is a story about a King of England/Scotland. I don't recollect the name, Prince Albert, or Henry something. There was even a recent hollywood movie on that character, but it failed miserably.

    3. Code Name Minnal (undoubtedly, Lion/Muthu is yet to publish this long advertised series)

    Surprise, that Iceberg owned the rights for these many comic titles. I wonder, why the preview about these editions were not shown in the 3rd release of Iceberg. Maybe they changed their mind to concentrate only on Blueberry and Prince stories then on.

    Rafiq Raja

  4. Hi Viswa
    Answer for the contest
    1) It should be Aldebron [ Courtesy ur clue]
    2 ) may be Robinhood . Probably sketeched by artist of Reporter johny
    3) as i said in my previous post it is code name minnal.No doubt abt it.

    Rafiq contest

    Rafiq - after seeing ur post in viswa blog only i came to about ur contest in cowboy special reviews

    Let me take a guess on it ,though it is over

    the two times , annual edition of lion comics not released are

    1) Code name minnal
    2) A lucky luke story - Dalton city ?

    It is a speculation only .can i have answer for it .

    Staying on the contest.

    The first time i ever won a contest in life was during the milleneim special contest conducted by lion comics. Though i won the prize [ Cap and key chain], my Dad name appeared on the winner list as i had pasted by Dad address sticker in the address column instead of writing down it:(

    Nice to read blogs of The three Musketeers [MuthuFan,Rafiq and Viswa]at a time .It is delight for fans like me .

    Adios amico

  5. The thought just striked, and I believe the second one is King Arthur series. 2004 movie titled the same, wasn't successful.

    Arun: The TRIVIA in Cowboy Special review is still open (as long as it is answered correctly). Please add your answers in that post, and I will let u know the answer :)

    Rafiq Raja


  6. Trivia Answers:

    (1) Aldebran (Check in Wikipedia)
    (2) ?
    (3) Code Name Minnal

    Like Dharumi (Nagesh Character) says in ThiruVilayadal, Evvalau Error Irukkiradho, Avvalau Prize Kodukkalamey?

  7. Vishwa,

    in my office, when i click the comments section, it does not get activated as earlier it was when it was on the same page, unlike this pop up window. this is very tough for me to post comments / answers.

    iam in browsing centre now typing these answers:

    (1) aldebrawn
    (2) The last legion
    (3) Code name minnal

    Have sent my address in a personal mail for you to courier the prize.

  8. Hi,hi, hi,

    Dear all,

    I am also addict of comics for a long time since my II std I am reading comics. Before met viswa and Ragulan I did not imagine too many people are addicted already by comics.Evan I call after 10 pm in the night viswa will pick up the call. some times I feel that I am disturbing him.

    I hope I read max books from Muthu, lion Rani and other comics but my collection is very very poor. it is just 150-200.I wanted to have all the books with me like all you think.
    I really wanted to join this addicted group.


  9. Arun Prasad, Rafiq Raja,Malta, Rebel Ravi : Thanks for Participating in the Contest. As rightly said by Rafiq, Participation is the Key.

    Am getting SMS's that since the answers are given here in the comments section, it becomes easy for the others.

    Come on Guys, ComiRades are not that Cheap. Still, The middle question is the Key for winning the Prize.

    Malta: Just for Connecting the Contest with Thiruvilayadal, you will get a special gift from me.

    Gops: Thans for your visit. Am very much aware of the fact that there are many Fans who are crazy after comics, just like you and me. Sometime later, i will do a posting on the Special gathering of Tamil comics Fans in Chennai Meet organised by Yours truly in 2007 with Photo's & Video.

  10. (1) Aldebaran (for reference, check:éo)

    (2) King Arthur (Valiant series Drawn by john culen murphy) Am not so sure. If you can give one more page of the scan, i will tell definitely. {for reference:}

    (3) Code Name Minnal

  11. Hiya,

    the previous comments didnt make my life any easier; in fact, they still made it harder and harder considering the fact that they didnt come up with the answer for question number 2.

    Anyways, here are my answers;

    1. Aldebaran (this is the coorect spelling)
    2. Dont know (at least am honest enough to tell)
    3. Code name minnal

    In cricket, there is something called fair play award. in 2007, Srilanka received the fair play award for their honesty.

    likewise, why dont you give the prize for my honesty in telling that i dont know the answer for the 2nd one.

    When you think you are right, actually you are wrong; And when you think you are wrong, actually you are right. correct?


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