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30 News 16: The Hindu (Disney’s Back), Deccan Chronicle (Gen X) & TOI (Graphic Pick)

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In the Last Blog Post, TCU has forgotten to Give due credits for Muthu Fan for providing the Physical Scans of the Fleetway Group Publications. It was a Mere Oversight and As usual, TCU acknowledges the Help from the Pioneer of Comics Blogging in Tamil Comics Ulagam and also takes this opportunity for acquiring the Official Site.

TCU is Back with yet another Comics News Post. Of Late, TCU has not compiled one such and hence is the need for this post. Starting with The Times Of India Article on the Graphic Pick section which they Update once in a Month. This time it featured Our Beloved Steve Holland. Now, As mentioned in his latest mail to TCU, Steve is quite busy in his Latest Work (Which will be Updated in TCU) and hence was Spared for Comments on this Post.

Times Of India – Chennai Times – Dated 17th April 2009 – Page No 6 : Graphic Pick – Rick Random – Edited By Steve Holland – Prion Books

Times Of India Chennai Times Page 6 17th April 2009 Rick Random Book Pic

Instead of TCU Commenting on this,Let us get someone from the UK Comics Domain itself.  This is What Renowned Comics Creator Lew Stringer has to say on this wonderful collection:

Lew Stringer: “With all the many books on classic UK comics appearing these days (from Commando to Modesty Blaise) people can't afford to buy everything. However, if you're trying to choose between Rick Random and the other Fleetway library reprints I'd suggest this is the best one to get.

Over 600 pages of artwork by Ron Turner makes it well worth the price. He proves here to be a master of black and white composition and his retro-future designs are fantastic. The stories are solidly crafted well-told tales and are more sophisticated than those of the Fleetway weeklies of the period.

The only faults are that, because the pages are scanned from the old comics and not the long-lost original art, some of the finer lines in some pages have "dropped out". (Everything is still legible though.) On the whole reproduction is very good and the best one can expect. Try this book, - it's a British classic”.

This Digest Consists of 10 Wonderful Stories from the 1950’s. Here is the List:

No Story Title 1st Appeared Author Artist
1 Kidnappers from Mars Super Detective Library 44, Dec 1954 Edward Homes Bill Lacey
2 Emperor of the Moon Super Detective Library 49, Mar 1955 Unknown Ron Turner
3 Planet of Terror Super Detective Library 123, Mar 1958 Bob Kesten Ron Turner
4 Space Pirates Super Detective Library 127, May 1958 Harry Harrison Ron Turner
5 Perilous Mission Super Detective Library 129, Jun 1958 Harry Harrison Ron Turner
6 Mystery of the Frozen World Super Detective Library 133, Aug 1958 Bob Kesten Ron Turner
7 Mystery of the Robot World Super Detective Library 137, Oct 1958 Barry Coker Ron Turner
8 Killer in Space Super Detective Library 37, Sep 1954 Edward Homes Ron Turner
9 Threat from Space Super Detective Library 153, Jun 1959 Bob Kesten Ron Turner
10 Kidnapped Planet Super Detective Library 163, Dec 1959 Bob Kesten Ron Turner

Now, When Lew Comments like that, it has to be Bought and it is Available in Chennai Landmark for the Last 3 Months. Apart from the Fact that the General Editor is Steve Holland, what forced Yours Truly to buy this wonderful edition was the Artists Involved in the Stories. 1st Story Features Bill Lacey about whom Tamil ComiRades need no introduction as they have tasted his Trademark Artwork in series such as John Steel (Muthu Comics) ஜான் ஸ்டீல் (முத்து காமிக்ஸ்), No 13 Marvel Street (Lion / Mini Lion) துப்பறியும் கம்ப்யுட்டர் (லயன் காமிக்ஸ், மினி லயன்), Rat Pack (Lion Comics) பெருச்சாளிப் பட்டாளம் லயன் காமிக்ஸ், Man Who Searched for Fear (Thigil Comics) ஆபத்தை தேடி (திகில் காமிக்ஸ்) etc. Another Wonderful News is TCU is on the Verge of Completing the full collection of all the above mentioned series of UK Golden Oldies.

And the 2nd Artist who is predominant over the rest of the 9 stories is None other than Ron Turner, Who unfortunately has made limited appearance in Tamil Comics. Old Timers may recall The Formative issues of Thigil Comics in which Jet Ace Logan ஜெட் வீரர் லோகன் (திகில் காமிக்ஸ்) featured in a Single story. However, This is a chance for all those ComiRades to Own a Piece of Collectors Edition from the maestro who is known for his Unique Artwork. Yes, Turner is the one who made the style of Chiaroscuro his own. Not only in Black and White, But also in Colour (See, THIS Example).

Rick Random Space Detective Digest Cover

Ron Turner–Example for Chiaroscuro

Cover & Back Wrapper Of Rick Random

Rick Random (cover) Ron Turner Art Sample Rick Random FINAL

Amazon Link (For those Who Want to Buy Online): Rick Random

Steve Holland’s Blog Post: Rick Random Digest

Artist Ron Turner Details: Home Page Link

Artist Bill Lacey Details: Lambiek Link

Now, What are you waiting for? Go Grab it before it is too late. Remember, Steve Lays his Hands only on Quality Compilation and hence this one is a Masterpiece not to be missed.……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

The Second Article to be discussed was about the growing interest of Youngsters on Graphic Novels and this fact is confirmed by the Number of copies sold over the last 6 months across various Book Shops. And, Madhurima Chatterjee (Whom i believe is covering this segment for the 1st time) has done a wonderful Article on Graphic novels. Hopefully we can expect many more such articles from madhurima in future.

Deccan Chronicle – Chennai Chronicle – Dated 24th April 2009 – Page No 25 – Growing Awareness About Graphic Novels Among Youth & Gen X

Deccan Chronicle Chennai Chronicle Page 25 Dated 24th April 2009 Gen N & Comics


Last week TCU received a Surprise mail which contained links to a Forum in which ComiRade Rathnagiri of Sivakasi ரத்தினகிரி (சிவகாசி) has done a wonderful job of Translating 1941 Comic Series into Tamil in such a Professional manner that Kanavugalin Kathalan has admired this Piece of Work. Hopefully this will be loved by ComiRades such as Hollywood Bala, Sureஷ், Pula Sulaki etc.

Now, Some ComiRades may question the Legality of such Translation. Kindly read what Rathnagiri has to say on this. There are 5 Stories translated by him and the good news is, all of them are available for Download. Have a Look at the Quality work.

Kazhugu Image 3 Kazhugu Image 2 Kazhugu Image 1

Here is the Link: Kazhugu Veeran - கழுகு வீரன்

Enjoy this stuff and write in a Word of appreciation for such dedicated work to satisfy our hunger for Quality Tamil Comics. Strangely, this kind of translation was the Bone of Contention in a Lengthy Conversation TCU Had with MuthuFan couple of weeks ago. Well, Muthu Fan, what do you say?


Another Piece of Comic News that is Making waves across India is the return of Walt Disney to India Through the Distribution of Diamond Group. When the News Broke about the Launch of Disney in India in the 2nd week of April, TCU had a Lengthy Chat about the Characters and the Copyright with Doctor 7 & Muthu Fan. The Bone of Contention was the 6 Stories that Fleetway has published somewhere in their publications. More on that in a Later post. The same is Updated by ComiRade Rafiq and hence TCU will not get into much into this, as of right now.

The Hindu – Metro Plus – Chennai Edition – Dated 23rd April 2009 – Page 1 – Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck Back

The Hindu Metro Plus Chennai Edition Dated 23rd April 2009 Page 1

Well, After the Conversation TCU Had with the Senior Management official with the Diamond Group, TCU has got updated on many issues and they will be discussed in detail in the remaining posts in future.……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

It is to be noted that From now onwards TCU will update on News Articles only once in a Month.TCU, Of Late, has been criticised for posting Comic-Related Posts such as This Post and This Post. Hence, when there was another such thing happened, TCU, As usual was waiting to post this at the end of the month with a Dilemma. Voila, another Blogger (Shiva from Madippakkam, Chennai – Artist By Profession and ComiRade By Nature) has updated about this in his own Blog over here: கே.வி.ஆனந்த் காமிக்ஸ் படித்தார்.

On Personal account, TCU has not met him for the last six or seven years. He happens to be a Family associate of TCU’s Ex Colleague and TCU has followed him right from the days of his association with Super Novel of Mr Ramu (Another Publisher friend of TCU). Old ComiRades may remember them as the Father of Mr Ramu Was the man behind many a Comics Book in Tamil and the Elder Brother is the Publisher of James Bond Comics.

Well, enough of this now and TCU Will be Back with a May Day Special Post which will be in Contrast with the Blog Post to be Crafted by Doctor 7.As usual, post your comments in the comments section. For those who want to Pen their thoughts in Tamil, Kindly Use the Option Provided in the Widget in the sidebar or Click Here.

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Disclaimer: The idea behind doing this Special Post is to convey the Point that What a Knowledgeable Editor Can Do to the Cover Designs of a Magazine. It is Not necessary that The Cover Used in the Original Publication Must be Used for the Translated Version As well. Can Be, But Not a Must.

However, The Cover Designs of One Series, if it fits to the story part, can be used to another story’s Cover design as well. Let Us Not Degrade it By Calling it Copying without Proper Idea as He is the Copy Rights Holder for the Series and Hence he can Use the Cover designs in whichever way he likes. Kindly Understand that This Post is Not meant to Criticize the Editor of the Magazine. The real source behind this Post is THIS post by The Great Muthu Fan & Hence we Can call it An Inspiration for the Inspired Post.


The Twilight Zone Issue No 43–May 1972–Gold Key Publication

Thigil Comics Issue No 56–Marma Mandalam–Cover

Twilight Zone Issue No 43 May 1972 Thigil Comics Issue No 56 Marma Mandalam

Malibu Comics – Night Man Series – Vol 1 – Issue 7 – Apr 1994

Muthu Comics Issue No 268 – Thrill Special – April 1999 Edition

Malibu NightMan Vol 1 Issue 7 Apr 1994 Muthu Comics Issue No 268 Thrill Special Apr 1999
Semic Press–James Bond Comics–Jun 1984 Cover–Operation UFO Muthu Comics Issue No 311 – Feb 2009 – Norungiya Naanal Marmam
Se-84-6 Muthu Comics Issue No 311 Dated 03-02-2009 Buck Ryan Detective Julian Norungiya Naanal Marmam Front Cover
Semic Press – James Bond Comics – Issue 3 – 1987 Cover Muthu Comics – Issue No 249 Mar 1997 – Visithira Villain
Semic Press James Bond Issue 3 1987 Cover Reference for Visiththira Villan Muthu Comics Issue No 249 Perry Meson Visithira Villan Semic James Bond Cover Reference
Semic Press - James Bond Comics – Mar 1991 – Cover Muthu Comics –Issue No 235–Sep 1995–Kallaraiyil Oru Kavignan
James Bond Issue Mar 1991 Cover Octopussy Underwater Death Muthu Comics Issue No 237 Dated Sep 1995 Kallaraiyil Oru Kavignan Jess Long
Jess Long Album No 9 – 1985 Edition – The Sheriff - Cover Thigil Comics Issue No 34-Oct 1988-Maranap Pattiyal Cover
00 Thigil Comics Issue 34 Dated Oct 88 Reporter Johnny Cover San - Reference to Jess Long Issue No 9 Cover
Nick Raider – (C.I.D Robin in Muthu Comics) –Issue No 3 Cover Muthu Comics – Issue No 187 – Pizaithu Vandha Pinam Cover
nic0003 Muthu Comics Issue No 189 Pizhaithu Vandha Pinam Nick Raider Cover Reference
Nick Raider – (C.I.D Robin in Muthu Comics) –Issue No 2 Cover Comics Classics – Issue No 8 – Thurukkiyil Johnny Nero Cover
Nick Raider No 2  Muthu Micro Alaivarisai Reprint Comics Classics Johhny Nero Cover reference for Nick Raider
Nick Raider–(C.I.D Robin in Muthu Comics)–Issue No 152 Comics Classics – Issue No 17 – Micro Alaivarisai 848
nickraider152_big CC 17-1
Nick Raider –(C.I.D Robin in Muthu Comics)–Issue No 86 Cover Muthu Comics – Issue No 279 – Sep 2000 – Pazhi Vangum Pugaippadam
nickraider086_big 279 Pazhi Vaangum Pugaippadam
Nick Raider–(C.I.D Robin in Muthu Comics)–Issue No 55 Cover Muthu Comics–Issue No 306–Feb 2007–Oru thigil Thirumanam
nickraider055_big 306 Oru Thigil Thirumanam
Action Picture Library – Issue No 18 – Gang Buster - Cover Comics Classics – Issue No 8 – Manjal Poo Marmam Cover
action Picture Library 18 Gang buster Comics Classics Cover reference Action Picture Library
Action Picture Library – Issue No 4 – At Gun point Cover Muthu Comics–Issue No 191 (?!?) – Formula Thirudargal Cover
Action Picture Library No 4 Mini Lion Story Muthu Cover 191 Reference Muthu Comics Issue No 191 Barracuda Formula Thirudargal Action Picture Library Cover Reference
Top Secret Picture Library–Issue No 14-Dark Mountain Cover Muthu Comics – Issue No 192 – Sirai Meetiya Chithirak Kadhai
Top Secret Picture Library 14 Jan 1975 John Havoc Dark Mountain Cover Sirai Meetiya Sithirak Kathai Muthu 192
Secret Agent Series – Issue No 4 – Call For Barracuda Cover Muthu Comics – Issue No 222 – Oru Kaithiyin Kadhai Cover
SA04 Call for Barracuda(Vaanveli Kollaiyar) 222 Oru Kaidhiyin Kadhai
Secret Agent Series – Issue No 4 – Trail of Terror Cover Muthu Comics – Issue No 252 – Oru Marma Iravu Cover
SA07 Muthu Comics Issue No 252 Oru Marma Iravu
Secret Agent Series –Issue No 9–The Murder Corporation Cover Muthu Comics–Issue No 308–Mar 2008–Kadhai sollum Kolaigal
SA09 Mar 2008 Muthu 308 Front Cover
Bob Morane – (Roger in India) Temple Of Dinosaurs Cover Lion Comics – Issue No 55 – Ratha Muthirai Tex Willer Cover
Bob Morane The Temple Of Dinosurs Lion 55 Cover Reference Lion Comics Issue No 55 Tex Ratha Muthirai Cover Bob Morane Reference
Bob Morane – (Roger in India) Secret of 7 Temples  Cover Muthu Comics – Issue No 171 – Oct 1988 – Ratha Iravugal
Bob Morane Issue No DG 02 Jess Long Ratha Iravugal Cover Muthu Comics Issue No 171 Dated Oct 1988 Ratha Iravugal Jess Long
Bob Morane – (Roger in India) Issue No 56 Cover Muthu Comics – Issue No 199 – Paniyil Puthaindha Ragasiyam
Bob Morane - Les contrebandiers de l'atome 01 Reference Muthu 199 Cover Bob Morane Reference Muthu Comics Issue No 199 Paniyil Pudhaindha Ragasiyam Cover
Bob Morane – (Roger in India) Issue No 41 Cover Comics Classics – Issue No 21 – Formula Thirudargal Cover
Bob Morane Issue No 41 Comics Classics Formula Thirudargal Comics Classics Formula Thirudargal Cover Reference Bob Morane
Bob Morane – (Roger in India) Issue No 38 Cover Comics Classics – Issue No 22 – Kaatril Karaindha Kappalgal
Bob Morane Issue No 38 Comics Classics Issue No 23 Katril Karaindha Kappalgal CC_22_A_-_Sep_15_2008
Bob Morane – (Roger in India) 3 Petits Singes Cover Lion Comics – Issue No 141 – May 1998 - Thigil Theevu - Cover
Numériser0001 Lion Comics Issue No 141 Thigil Theevu Covere reference for Bob Morane
Bernard Prince–The Oasis in Flames–Patri Eriyum Palaivanam Muthu Comics – Issue No 189 – Marana Macham Cover
Bernard Prince the Oasis in Flames Cover Muthu Comics Issue No 189 Marana MACHCHAM


Note: Actually, We are Not the Only people who are doing it. Across the World People are doing So. The Pioneers in this, are the well Known Fleetway / IPC Media who went to Such an Extent that They emulated the cover of their own magazine to another one of their special editions six years later. More Info on that can be Read from THIS blog Post by TCU’s Friend Steve Holland.


 shut up images TCU No Comments

Post Script: Have you ever thought of the Co-Incidence that Celebrated Writer JayaKanthan’s Birth Day (24th April) Happens to be the World Book Day? Well, Do Now. By the way, Do Not ask Me Who is Jayakanthan.

As usual, post your comments in the comments section. For those who want to Pen their thoughts in Tamil, Kindly Use the Option Provided in the Widget in the sidebar or Click Here.

Thanks & Regards,
King Viswa.

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