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43 News 20 - Comic Cuts 20: Muthu Fan & Steel Claw in Lime light – Dinakaran, Anantha Vikatan & Kungumam

Dear ComiRades,

Welcome back. After another long break, TCU is posting a Comics News post. However one good thing to announce is that, from here onwards, every Monday ComiRades will get a new Comics News (Comic Cuts) post. Now, now. There are certain people like Dr 7 who may say that regularity is not a thing to be associated with Tamil Comics & TCU. Well, all we can say is, we are entering into a new age. From now onwards, expect a lot of posts from TCU and competitions as well. Get ready Folks, TCU is back. To make matters more spicy and glamorous, Next Monday TCU will feature a news article about a current heroin reading comics.

News 1: We all know that Steel Claw is the No.1 Hero of Tamil comics and will remain so for more years to come, as the Editor is keeping him alive through various reprints. Even if there is any doubt, here is further proof for that. The No.1 Tamil daily New Paper Dinakaran has a weekly supplement on Sundays named “Vasantham – வசந்தம்” and it features a Q & A page as well. In last week’s Vasantham, there was a question about the book which will never bore the readers. Without hesitation, the Editor has answered that “Steel Claw Stories - இரும்புக் கை மாயாவி காமிக்ஸ்". Here is the scan of that page and you can read that online in this page: Vasantham. This particular information was reminded by our Tirunelveli ComiRade Saravanan.

Dinakaran Tamil Daily News Paper - Sunday Supplement Vasantham – Dated 14-11-2010 - Q & A Section – Naattamai Answers – Steel claw Mention

Dinakaran Sunday Supplement Vasantham Q & A

Kungumam - 08-11-2010 - Comics NewS News 2: Anandha Vikatan: Last week’s Anandha Vikatan featured an interview with the Director Prabhu Solomon, who has just recently gave a hit film named “Mynaa – மைனா” in a segment named Energy Pages. In that, he describes that the only memories of his childhood is filled with “The Steel Claw” and the adventures he carries across the world. TCU will be meeting with him very soon and will let his comments be published over here in TCU. It is heartening to know that he is also among the selected few who reads comics in the tinsel town along with Actor/Director PonVannan, Director A.R Muruga Doss, Art Director Trotsky Marudhu, Director Simbhu Devan, Writer S. Ramakrishnan etc.

Anandha Vikatan - Dated 24-11-2010 - Page 56  - Energy Page 16+ - Dir Prabhu Interview – Childhood Memories About Muthu comics & Steel Claw

Anandha Vikatan Dated 24-11-2010 Page 56 Dir Prabhu Interview - Highlighted

News 3 – Anandha Vikatan: In that same issue of Anandha Vikatan, there was another feature which was related to Comics. Anandha Vikatan has a segment named “Welcome Page – வரவேற்பறை” in which they introduce a new web site, a new Blog, a new book, C.D, etc to the readers based on the popularity and the recency. In this issue, they have chosen our beloved Muthu Fan’s blog as the blog of the week and they have the customary mention about the Spider man over The Spider.  All said and done, it feels great to see our Master’s name in the book. Hats off to you, Sir. TCU wishes the Man with the Golden Pen.

Anandha Vikatan - Dated 24-11-2010 - Page 86  - Vikatan Varaverparai – Blog Introduction – Muthu Fan Blog – The Default syndrome of Spiderman

Anandha Vikatan Dated 24-11-2010 Page 86 Vikatan Varaverparai

If you ever thought that this is the first time that MF is featuring in a news article, you are wrong in the right way. As a matter of fact, this is the 3rd time in the last 2 years that MF is discussed in a Comics news article. Here are the scans of the previous 2 occasions in which he was featured in the news section. This article was featured in TCU’s news post News 11 and the news below was the focal point on which TCU was started and it happens to be TCU’s 1st ever post News 1.

Deccan Chronicle – Chennai Edition - Chennai Chronicle - Page  26  - Dated 31:12:2008 – Pulp Fiction Reloaded – Mention about Muthu Fan

MuthuFan  Deccan Chronicle Chennai Chronicle Page  26 Dated 31122008

Deccan Chronicle – Chennai Edition – Chennai Chronicle - 28th July 28072008 – Tamil Comics Article – Mentioning about Muthu Fan

Deccan Chronicle 28th July Chennai Edition 28072008

Now that the issue is sold out/off the shelf, TCU can safely mention about the article which featured about yours truly. Yes, it happened in the Puthiya Thalaimurai (புதிய தலைமுறை - Generation New, literal translation). This article is featured here for the records purpose as it was already discussed over here in this Post by Dr 7: AKoTheeKa Times.

Puthiya Thalaimurai Tamil weekly Magazine – Children's Day Special Issue - Issue Dated 18-11-2010 - Comics Article - Page 1,2 & 3,4 – Author: Yuvakrishna

Puthiya Thalaimurai Issue Dated 18-11-2010 Comics Article Page 1 & 2
Puthiya Thalaimurai Issue Dated 18-11-2010 Comics Article Page 3 Puthiya Thalaimurai Issue Dated 18-11-2010 Comics Article Page 4

In this post, there was a mention about Cinema Celebrities reading Tamil Comics. The maximum news about them is redirected towards one person: Actor / Director Pon Vannan. Here are the links for the previous Posts about his comics reading: TCU News 2 & AKoTheKa Times.

Kungumam 28th Aug 2008, Page No 11 CinemaExpressDated16102009Page82Ponvannan Comics News

Well, that's all for the time being. As usual, post your comments in the comments section. For those who want to Pen their thoughts in Tamil, Kindly Use the Option Provided in the Widget in the Blog. Now, don’t forget that from here onwards, The Monday’s wont be the same. They will be TCU’s Comic Cuts Monday’s. To Make this happen regularly, Kindly intimate TCU either through mail or comment about the latest Comics News that you’ve read or seen over in any of the media.

By the way, when was the last time that you’ve written a letter to our Editor on the comics? Kindly do write in your opinions and the comments about Jumbo special and other things.

Thanks & Regards,

King Viswa.

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51 Muthu Comics No. 313 – Vinnil Oru KullaNari விண்ணில் ஒரு குள்ளநரி - PreView

Dear ComiRades,

Welcome back after a small gap. Most probably those who have booked their Jumbo Specials’ would have got them now, as the publishers are shipping them in the order of FIFO booking; That is, First In, First Out. Hence, those who have booked them first, will be receiving them first. This action by the publisher must be applauded sincerely because they are giving respect to those who have responded initially.

Now, Then; Jumbo Special is a landmark issue in the annals of Tamil comics and hence it deserves a VVS post (Very Very Special) and hence TCU will be making a post which will have more than 85 images and will have the complete details that you wanted to know about the origin, development and making of Jumbo special. All you need to do is, Just wait for 5 more days and you’ll have a landmark post to celebrate the landmark issue.

Now, Lets come to this post. Another preview post in TCU and this time we are not discussing multiple issues and only about the next issue of Muthu Comics. We all know that the last issue of Muthu Comics (Issue No 312) was on sales somewhere in Aug 2009 and the previous issue of Muthu Comics (Issue No 311) was on shops in Feb 2009. Hence, when we are about to receive the next issue, it becomes a must to do a preview post in TCU. Here is the advertisement of the same in the last issue of Muthu comics and the corresponding panels from the original daily strip (The long return) which was running from 02nd Jan 1961 to 08th April 1961.

Muthu Comics Issue No 312-Dated Aug 2009-Next Issue Ad–Johnny Hazard

Johnny Hazard–Daily Strip 58–The Long Return–2nd Jan 61 to 8th Apr 61

Muthu Comics Issue No 312 Dated Aug 2009 Mandrake Nizhal Edhu- Nijam Edhu Next Issue Ad Johnny Hazard

In the latest Jumbo Special, there was another advertisement and the beauty about the book is that, this book is going to become a collectors delight as this will be the last ever Johnny Hazard comics book published in Black & White in Tamil language and the 2nd last Muthu comics in Black & White.

Lion Comics  Issue No 208 - Next Issue Ad for Muthu Comics Issue No 313

Johnny Hazard - The Long Return–2nd Jan 61 to 8th Apr 61

Lion Comics  Issue No 208 Next Issue Ad for Muthu Comics Issue No 313 JH DS 058 Johnny Hazard Standing Pose

THE Cover. Yes, have a closer look at the mixing of colours and you’ll find that there is no one better in making the covers. And, TCU is always had this habit of bringing out the inspirations behind the cover post. And hence, here is the inspiration for the cover post. Now, then; the reason for using this as a cover is very simple. Those who came in late, Johnny Hazard stories are published as daily strips in News papers and hence, they did not have any covers to publish. even the compilations of Johnny Hazard strips were of similar designs. Hence, when you are publishing the stories of him, you are in need to produce covers. this can be tackled in two ways: Using the inner panels to re draw the cover or using some other covers as a model to make it look better. TCU has already discussed about the same in brief in 2 of the earlier posts: No Comments 1 & No Comments 2.

Muthu Comics Issue No 313 - Vinnil Oru Kulla Nari - Johnny Hazard - Cover

Cover Inspiration - Secret Agent Prime Page

Muthu Comics Issue No 313 Vinnil Oru Kulla Nari Johnny Hazard Daily Strip No 058 The Long Return Secret Agent Pime Page

Now, most of us can have the cover and hence can do the post. TCU would love to differentiate from that by presenting the Editor’s POV on this issue by bringing the synopsis with his own writing. Yes, right from the horses mouth.

Editor S. Vijayan’s Synopsis:

விங்-கமாண்டர் ஜார்ஜ் தோன்றும் விண்ணில் ஒரு குள்ளநரி! ஐந்தே 5 பயணிகளுடன் சென்றிடும் ஒரு விமானத்தில் பயணமாகின்றார் நமது விங்-கமாண்டர் ஜார்ஜ். வழக்கம்போல சோதனைகள் அவரைத் தேடி வருகின்றன! விமானம் கடத்தப்படுகிறது!

பனி படர்ந்த மலைப்பிரதேசத்தில் தரையிரங்கும் விமானத்தை கடத்தியவர்களின் நோக்கம் தான் என்ன? ஜார்ஜ் இந்த இக்கட்டிலிருந்து எப்படி வெளிவந்திட வழி தேடுகிறார்? விடைகள் "விண்ணில் ஒரு குள்ளநரியில்.

The second story in this book is that of Agent Roger Moore and we have discussed enough about Roger Moore in This post (Click HERE to read that). Here is what our Editor has to say about this story:

Editor S. Vijayan’s Synopsis:  

இந்த இதழின் இன்னுமொரு highlight - ஏஜெண்ட் ரோஜர் மூர் தோன்றும் "அழகிய அவஸ்தை"! இதுவும் ஒரு விமானக் கடத்தலோடு துவங்கியது...

ஆனால் இம்முறை கடத்தப்படுவதோ புதிதாய் மகுடம் சூட்டிய உலக அழகி! அழகும், ஆபத்தும் ஒருங்கே இருக்கிறதென்றால் நமது ஹீரோ  ரோஜர் மூரும் அங்கே பிரசன்னமாகிவிடுவது வழக்கம் தானே!

பரபரப்பான ஆக்ஷன் த்ரில்லர்! படிக்கத் தவறாதீர்கள்.

Now, before we move on to the next part about getting those books in our hand, lets do a flashback of the latest books involving these 2 heroes in Muthu Comics. The Previous books featuring these 2 heroes are all available in Lion Comics office and all you need to get them was a simple phone call where they’ll instruct you how to make money (DD / Cheque) and you can get these books which will surely become collectors edition in the near future as the last batch of Black & White books. This is the Phone Number that you need to dial in: 04562-272649.

Latest Muthu Comics to feature Johnny Hazard in Cover -Muthu Comics No 306 Oru Thigil Thirumanam

Latest Muthu comics to feature Roger Moore in Cover-Muthu Comics No 307 Katril Kraindha Kadhanayagan

Latest Muthu Comics to have Roger Moore story - Muthu Comics No 311 Norungiya Naanal Marmam

Muthu Comics Issue No 306 Oru Thigil Thirumanam JH Muthu Comics Issue No 307 Katril Kraindha Kadhanayagan Roger moore Muthu Comics Issue No 311 Dated 03022009 Norungiya Naanal Marmam

Now, to get these books in hand without the hassle of going to the nearest bookstore is to book it in advance. Those doubting Thomas's would have got the answer by the availability of  Jumbo special. Yes, you can pre-order these books by filling up the coupon:

Lion 208 Advance Booking Coupon If you wanted to have a look at the covers of these books, kindly visit TCU’s post HERE. The last book is not going to be published in Black & White and that will be the beginning of the new era in Tamil Comics. Yes, that issue marks the beginning of the Prakash Publishers, Version 2.0

Lion 208 Next Releases 1 Lion 208 Next Releases 2
Lion 208 Next Releases 3 Lion 208 Next Releases 4

Well, that's all for the time being. As usual, post your comments in the comments section. For those who want to Pen their thoughts in Tamil, Kindly Use the Option Provided in the Widget in the Blog.

By the way, when was the last time that you’ve written a letter to our Editor on the comics? Kindly do write in your opinions and the comments about Jumbo special and other things.

Thanks & Regards,

King Viswa.

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