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63 TCU Answers – Shoot Your Questions: Right To Information

Dear ComiRades,

Ever since TCU’s inception, Many a ComiRades were asking about a Q & A Section in which they can clarify their doubts / Queries / Others. We all know that for the last 8 Months or so, TCU is on a Travel spree and hence it becomes tough to do posts of worth.

Still, There is some time to answer the queries of fellow ComiRades. Questions on all aspects of the Tamil Comics can be asked over here. Questions pertaining to comics and comics history will be answered over here with joy. There were Many questions lingering on the minds of ComiRades and one such mail which has reached to TCU yesterday sparked the thought of this Chain Post. All your queries can be posted as comments and they will be updated with Proper answers by Team TCU. Here comes the 1st Question:


Cibi Cibi Chakravarthi: Dear Viswa,

I know thro your TCU website and you have made lots of comments on all over the comics related BlogSpot .so that i came to know that you have all the details of the books till published in Tamil as well as English. Hence i request you to kindly provide some time to me to clear the following: Please find herewith attached the Muthu Comics Reprinted books image for your reference.

Reprint front Reprint Back

And one more book also i have in the Name : Formula Thirudargal in Pocket size.

I have checked the Muthu comics total list in that it is not mentioned anywhere.Can you tell me that Issue No?. So that it will be very helpful to me to update my books list. Awaiting your reply eagerly.

TCU’s Answer:

Dear Cibi,

Thanks for your interest in Tamil Comics and for the regard you have on Team TCU. Before the Launch of Comics Classics, Prakash Publishers Used to Reprint certain Golden Oldies during the Summer Vocations (April – June). Classic Example for the above will be Spider’s பழி வாங்கும் பொம்மை which was published in April 1994. This was one odd event in Lion Comics, The other being குற்றத் தொழிற்சாலை which was published in Apr 1995. However, in Muthu Comics, Reprints were the order of the day in the 90’s. During 1985, the trend was started with and it reached the peak in 1991.

In 1991, as many as 9 books were published in Muthu Comics as reprints. Out of which, 5 were numbered and serialised in Muthu comics Official list. They are:

  • 192 தங்க விரல் மர்மம்
  • 193 இமயத்தில் மாயாவி
  • 194 சிறை மீட்டிய சித்திரக்கதை
  • 195 நாச அலைகள்
  • 196 கொரில்லா சாம்ராஜ்யம்

Apart from the above, there were 4 issues which were not numbered / serialised in Muthu comics Official list and hence there was a Big confusion over Muthu Comics issue No 200 (பறந்து வந்த பயங்கரவாதிகள் was supposed to be issue Number 200 & if you go by issue No 191 புயலோடு ஒரு போட்டி, there was a 2 Page Advertisement stating that பறந்து வந்த பயங்கரவாதிகள் is Muthu Comics Issue No 200. However, Later on, those 2 Pages were pasted together and only those who dare to separate those 2 pasted pages will know that. Later On, பறந்து வந்த பயங்கரவாதிகள் was published as Diwali Special As Issue No 197) The un-Numbered issues are:

  • திசை மாறிய கப்பல்கள்
  • இரண்டாவது வைரக்கல் எங்கே?
  • காணாமல் போன கைதி
  • ஃபார்முலா திருடர்கள்

So, Even though the latest Muthu Comics is Numbered as 312, there are actually 316 Books which were published under the Muthu Comics Brand. All this confusion is caused by The Current list which is close to perfection, with issues from 188 to 196 being the exceptions. That is the answer for your query. Team TCU is planning to re work on the serialiasation of this and will soon come out with a comprehensive list with the approval of the Editor Himself.

So, That’s all for this 1st query. If you have a question related to Tamil comics and It’s History, What are you waiting for? Here is the mail id: or type in your query as a comment in this Blog-post itself.

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