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9 Lion Comics No 204 - Kaatril Karaindha Kazhugu - Tex Willer Adventure – Aug 2008 - Review N1

 Dear ComiRades,

Welcome back to TCU. In this post, we are going to review a Tamil comics for the 1st time and hence the title is aptly named as Review N1, where N stands for New and 01 stands for the 1st book to be reviewed. Basically, the new or latest books will have  these type of numbering in TCU.

ComiRades May Remember that The 1st part of this series was on sale from July 2nd Onwards. So, By Normal Standards, many comic fans (Including yours truly) expected the next part to be available somewhere close to Diwali. However, it was a Pleasant surprise for me when i got the 2nd part on August 9th itself. Yes, that was the day i received Kaatril Karaindha Kazhugu (The Eagle that Vanished in Thin Air) காற்றில் கரைந்த கழுகு.

Lion Comics Issue No 204 – Tex Willer Adventure – Katril Karaindha Kazhugu – Cover

The Corresponding Title in Italy – Tex Willer Monthly – Issue No 476 – Issue Dated June 2000

Tex Willer Part 2 Front Wrapper Original Italian tex0476

Brand: Lion Comics (Prakash Publishers,Tamil Nadu, India).

Title: Kaatril Karaindha Kazhugu (காற்றில் கரைந்த கழுகு).

Story (Author – Italy): Claudio Nizzi

Story (Artist – Italy): Fabio Civitelli

Italian Cover Art: Claudio Villa

Tamil Translation: Editor S.Vijayan

Cover Design: Hard Cover, Laminated.

Serial Number: No. 204, Part 2 of Tex Willer's 3 Part Saga.

On Sale: 9th Aug 2008 Onwards.

Total No. of Pages: 116 (Story 110 Pages), Black & White.

Price: Priceless for Comic Fans; For others, INR 10/-

Continuity: Part 3 To Be Available Next Month

Scan Courtesy: Ayyampalayam Venki Sir.

Compared to the 1st part, the 2nd parts cover was equally good. TCU doesn’t want to spoil many others expectation by means of giving the synopsis of this 2nd part over here. Guys, go and Read this, You will not be disappointed for reading this. By the way, Hot line by Mr Vijayan was about the forthcoming books. It was good to know that Part 3 of this series (Yemanin Yellaiyil) will be available by the 2nd week of September (At the max by September month end). There is this announcement about Agent Philip Corrigan making a Grand Return to Tamil Comics after a Very Very Long Gap. The Title of the Story is very interesting: Maandavan Meendaan (The return of the dead Man). The very next month after Phil Corrigan will be a Comedy Bonanza of Chick Bill.

Because of the Length of the story, regular features like Singathin Siru Vayadhil, Trailers of the forthcoming issues were not featured. As usual, there was this mention about Lion collectors special on Agent XIII - Irathap Padalam (Part 1-18). The latest on this is that only, ONLY 327 copies have been booked so far.The entire list will be published in the next issue of lion comics. The Back wrapper was about the Next issue - Concluding part of the Part 3 series.

Lion Comics Issue No 204 – Issue Dated Aug 2008 - Tex Willer Adventure – Katril Karaindha Kazhugu – Editorial

Lion Comics Issue No 204 – Issue Dated Aug 2008 - Tex Willer Adventure – Katril Karaindha Kazhugu – Next Issue Advertisement – Back Cover

Tex Willer Part 2 Hot Line Tex Willer Part 2 Back Wrapper

Well, that's all for now guys. Feel free to post your comments and suggestions in this blog using the Comments link below my sign or send mail to

Thanks & Regards,

King Viswa.


  1. The Scans are far better than the ones I posted in my blog. Certainly, there are people who can do better job than us. :)

  2. Hi Vishwa,

    Where can i get Lion Comics in Chennai? I Have checked in Land Mark and Higginbothams. They are not available over there. i checked for the comics in the news paper shops in 2-3 places.

    The Shop Owner is laughing at me the moment i said "No, Not for my kid: am asking for myself".

    I've sent you a mail also. Kindly reply to that.

  3. Hi,

    How to subscribe to Lion / Muthu / Comics Classics?

    Do they accept subscription now?

    Whom to contact? The lion comics office number is not in use now is what i get when i called them.

    Kindly update on this. Or let me know where i can buy them in Pudulottai.

  4. Rafiq: Thanks for the comments. By the way, the credit for the scans should go to Avadi Venkateshwaran.He is the one who provides the scans for me, For the time being.

    Udhayam: Kindly ignore the comments of the shop keeper. There are ignorant people who still think that Comics is for Kids. By the way, am doing a posting on the shops where Lion/Muthu Comics available in and around Chennai.

    Malta: The Land line number of Lion Comics office still working.The Number is 04562-272649. Kindly call in this number for any queries on Subscription.

  5. Viswa,

    Nice update. However, we wanted a review on this. Kindly do a mini-review the next time you do a posting.

    with the sad loss of lion comics website, your blog is a big boon to comic fans like us.

    Got to your blog through Wikipedia whereby i searched for Lion comics and got into this.

    Improve the style of the layout.


  6. Hi Vishwa,

    I think this is one of the greatest finds on the net for me.

    I am a childhood fan of lion & muthu comics.

    You are doing a great work......Keep it up!!!!!!!

    I love your blogs.....Please post about the older comics classics of tex viller, lucky luke etc.,....

    Do you have any idea where i can get the old comic books in trichy or chennai.

    becoz i had around 150 books which was wasted by rats in my home.

    I would love to get especially Tex villers "KARSANIN KADANTH KAALAM" AND the Captain tigers "THANGA KALLARAI".

    pLEASE HELP ME MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks & Regards,

  7. //Lion collectors special on Agent XIII - Irathap Padalam (Part 1-18). The latest on this is that only, ONLY 327 copies have been booked so far.//

    what is the status now?

  8. //i had around 150 books which was wasted by rats in my home.//

    same here. but in my case, they were human rats.

    what about you naveen?


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