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10 Comic Cuts 02-News 02: PonVannan - Kungumam Magazine

Dear ComiRades,

Welcome back to TCU. In this post, we are going to read about a celebrity being our ComiRade. Most of the South Indians would have known Mr Ponvannan, Brilliant Actor / Director. What Many of us may not know is that he is a Compulsive Reader (Both Hard & soft). He has a varied set of Book collection which match with the best of the avaricious readers. Yours Trudy's DVD collection Shelf is modelled on Mr Ponvannan's Library.

There was this article on this week’s issue of Kungumam Magazine about various celebrities and their Hobbies. Amongst which, we had this:

Kungumam Tamil Weekly Magazine – Issue Dated 28th Aug 2008 - Page No 11
Kungumam 28th Aug 2008, Page No 11

Source: Kungumam Tamil Weekly                                                                                     Magazine Dated: 28th Aug 2008, Page No 11.

Reference: Tamil Comics Reading Habits
                                                                                             Scan Courtesy: Dr 7 of Akotheeka.

Post Script: I can proudly say that the book that Mr Ponvannan is holding is given by Yours Truly.

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Thanks & Regards,

King Viswa.


  1. Good to know that there are people like us in the Celebrities list too. :)

    We need them to speak openly about Comix/Graphic Novels to grow them further among the youth. It's a great way of learning.

  2. Viswa Ji,

    Why don't you get Mr Ponvannan to write a celebrity post on this blog? Wouldn't that be nice?

    Think about it.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Chezhiyan K

  3. Chezhi: Thanks for the suggestion. I Have the same idea. Will Post some of the celebrity Postings very soon.

  4. Viswa: Has ponvannan directed any movie? i doubt. Kindly clarify.

    I Once traveled with my friend in chennai in a auto. i was speaking to my friend about the availability of Lion comics old issues in Book shops. The auto driver said that Mr Ponvannan used to buy comics regularly.

    This was about 5-6 years back.

  5. super!
    my new frien Mr.satheesh is a DOCTOR and he is from coimbatore now practiced at the chengam in thiruvannamalai Dist.
    pls tell to all of the most persons who love comics to all.
    they will understand comics is not just a childrne play!!

  6. so, he also is bitten by the comics bug.

    by the way, what book is he holding?

  7. what movie has he directed? he is an actor only na?

    or has he done anything?

  8. hey,

    why has not anyone noticed that this article is also something like the previous one on muthu fan with facts getting wrong.

    here it is mentioned that he is collection lion comics from 1978. but lion comics started from 1984 only.

    whose error is that? the reporter? or ponvannan?

  9. hi,

    what is the book that mr ponvanan is holding? it doesn't look like a regular tamil comics? can you clariy on this? is that iceberg comics (i have not seen them)?

  10. இன்னும் எவ்வளவு நாளைக்கிதான் பொன்வண்ணன் காமிக்ஸ் படிப்பார்?


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