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10 Comic Cuts 03-News 03: Anandha Vikatan - Comics Website

Dear ComiRades,

Welcome back to TCU & in this post we have yet another comic cuts / Comics News. This was supposed to be posted last week itself. Sorry for the delay in Posting this particular information from the Popular Tamil weekly Magazine Anandha Vikatan. In the Vikatan Varaverparai (Vikatan Welcomes), we have a link for the comics website with information. This particular website, with the base being U.S of A, is all about new age Comics which ardent Comic Fans Like M F, Dr 7 will say is not their cup of tea. This Website is run by United Media and has various features which the new age comic fans who grew up reading the DC/Gotham/Archie may go GaGa over it.

Anandha Vikatan – Tamil Weekly Magazine – Vikatan Varaverparai – Vikatan Introduces – Web site Introduction

Anandha Vikatan Dated 3-09-2008

Source: Anandha Vikatan, Tamil Weekly Magazine.                                                                              Dated: 03rd September 2008

Reference:                                                                                       Scan Courtesy: Ayyampalayam Venki Sir.

Still, Have a look into this. This is the not the worst comic site in the world. Compare this to the websites of the Lion/Muthu comics and you will see the difference in it. Am not finding fault over here. Just suggesting that we can also give a serious thought on Internet being the alternative world for the promotion of Comics.

Well, that's all for the time being & As usual, post your comments in the comments section. For those who want to Pen their thoughts in Tamil, Kindly Use the Option Provided in the Widget in the Blog.

Thanks & Regards,

King Viswa.


  1. Hi Vishwa,

    Can you update on what happened to the in house comics magazine of Anandha Vikatan?

    They had some nice name called Chutti comics. Last time i purchased some comics of chutti vikatan in the Chennai Book fair (Some fancy title called Maranam Thurathum Manju).

    What happened to them? are they still publishing? Is there any link between the Chutti Comics and Chutty TV (from the Sun TV Group).

    Updates please.

  2. Udhayam: There is no link between Chutty TV and Chutti Comics, Which is Off Publication Now.

    Am planning to do a Special Post on Chutti Comics very soon. They have published very few Comics, with characters created by themselves.

    KSR: Thanks for your visit & comment.

  3. Viswa: I guess the situation at present is much more better than how it used to be a year or two before. We have multiple blogs which promotes tamil comics and comics on a whole. What we need is more readers for these blogs who can spread the comics reading passion among the rest.

    Udhayam: Chutti Comics was never a mainstream publication. And their target audience was Kids and them Only. I particularly hate when people take pride in saying that they have done something to Indian Comics, without giving due care to the content of the plot or quality of art. In the past, the demise of Ponni, Mathimalar Comics were for the same reason, when they failed to understand that wayward art will only irritate the true comic lovers. There is still not a good attempt made by Indian Comics so far in creating quality Indian Comics. The very exception being Virgin Comics (which is not available at present in India directly) and Raj Comics (who specialize only by releasing Hindi version).

    Rafiq Raja

  4. Udhayam: The books that you are referring were digests of the Chutti Comics back issues. i also bought couple of them during the Chennai Book festival.

    By the way, why is that Prakash Publishers never sell their books in the book festivals? Every year i eagerly look into that. Two years back i bought some of the Lion Muthu comics back issues in the book festival in Giri Trading shop. After that, i never saw any comics.

    Viswa: Any update on Star Comics (Just like lion comics site, their site is off too), Iceberg comics etc? Kindly update.

  5. this is total waste site. they actually make you to lose interest in comics which is more grown up.

  6. //Just suggesting that we can also give a serious thought on Internet being the alternative world for the promotion of Comics.//

    for tamil comics? i doubt. the internet penetration is yet to touch double digit in india.

    so comics readers will be a micro segment in that.

    very tough.

  7. i bought 2 chutty comics in this years book exhibition. they are still active in publishing.

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