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10 Comic Cuts 01-News 01: Muthu Fan - Deccan Chronicle

Dear ComiRades,

When I looked into this on 28th July 2008, I wanted to make a posting on this. It took me such a long time to do so. Excuse me for that. The reason for this posting was to make sure that everybody should know the status of Journalism in India. The correspondent makes sure that the reader believe that he has ACTUALLY interviewed him / Spoken to him on this article.

Deccan Chronicle Chennai Chronicle - Dated 28th July 2007 - Chennai Edition Cover Story on Comics By SPECIAL Correspondent

Deccan Chronicle Chennai Chronicle Dated 28th July Chennai Edition Cover Story on Comics
Source: Deccan Chronicle, Supplement = Chennai Chronicle.                                                Dated: 28th July 2008, Monday

Reference:                                                            Scan Courtesy: Ayyampalayam Venki Sir

Whereas, the truth behind is something quite opposite to this. Muthu Fan's name was mentioned as Muthu. However, True comic fans know his real name and the fact that he no longer lives in India. This particular article is Based on the following post made by Muthu fan:

There were quite a few Factual errors also. In Future, lets hope that the So Called Correspondent makes lesser and lesser errors on facts.

Have Fun & Thanks for reading.

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King Viswa.


  1. Hi,
    i was searching for Tamil comics in Net and got into this. nice work. Keep updating more frequently.

    By the way, are there any further blogs for tamil comics other than the above mentioned Muthufan's blog?

    Kindly update

  2. Wow! Surprising entry of King Viswa! I expect more and more articles about our favorite comics from Viswa.

  3. A Lesson to be learnt by all those who pretend themself as News Reporters, without understanding the need to say the truth and not a Masala Mix of their own. :)

    By the way, Welcome to Bloggers World, Viswa. Expecting Many more posts.

  4. Dear Viswa Ji,
    Welcome to the World of Bloggers. All the very best to Blogging.

    By the way, do you still remember the Tele-Phonic conversation we had on the day this news got published? You were really angry and all i said to you was "Arasiyall's idhellam Saadharanam'Mappa" (Meaning, everything is fair in Politics & this is very common).

    All the very Best.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Chezhiyan K

  5. Hi King Vishwa,

    Nice Information on the status of Journalism over here in India. This will not happen in the states.

    Pity on this so called correspondents. We should take legal action on this.

    Further thinking on this, i say what he did was fair only. considering the fact that he has to sell his news paper at 1.50 Rs 0r 2.00 Rs every day with so much of content to be given on day to day basis. At the end of the day, he will go for something like this, with cheap Correspondents and hence compromising on Quality.

    I Don't know what will happen to Deccan chronicle now that Time of India has launched their Chennai edition here as a direct competition on pricing.

    Have you ever looked into the cinema Updates / Gossips that they publish in these newspapers? Often they get repeated. Thats exactly the state of Editing they do.

    If they cannot check the repeat content over their newspapers, how on the earth they can check the authenticity of a news item?

    Thanks for showing light on this.

  6. Malta: Thanks for your Visit. Will be updating the blog quite frequently. For other blogs on comics, Just have a look into the Side Bar Links that i have added recently.

    Venkateshwaran: i Hope to fulfill your Expectations on this Blog.

    Rafiq: Am Honoured by your visit over here.Thanks for your encouraging Words. Will try to match up with your expectations.

    Chezhi: Yes, i do remember the conversation. Is that correspondent your friend? I don't think so.

    Udhayam: Thanks for your visit.And, Yes. I Have noticed that the cinema Columns have got repeated quite often. Still, we can always hope for the better.

  7. Nice work Viswa, I read muthufan & rafiq's posts regularly. Will add your blog as well to the bookmarks :)

    Thanks for sharing...

    -Karthik S S

  8. From The Desk Of Rebel Ravi:

    Hi Viswa,
    i used to get into Comic related blogs like muthufan, tcp etc.
    The idea of your blog is quite a novel. Keep it up.

    Rebel Ravi,
    Change is the Only constant thing in this world.

  9. Hi,

    this news paper item is also available in online:


  10. the title for the news paper article was itself a major put off.


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