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11 News 6: Gajini Direcor A.R MurugaDos-Kungumam

Dear ComiRades,

Most of the Film Lovers Must  be knowing Movie Director A.R MurugaDos. For those who came in late, He is the man who Directed Aamir Khan in his Hindi version of Gajini (To be Released for this Diwali) and the director of Some of the Biggest Blockbuster movies down south featuring Actors such as Ultimate Star Ajith, Captain Vijaykanth, Mega Star Chiranjeevi, Surya etc.

A.R MurugaDos is known for his simplicity. Yours truly had a One-To-One Meeting with him in the last week of March 2008 in Mumbai's Oldest Studio while he was shooting for the film Gajini. We met in his Caravan and this 5 minute chat turned out for more than 45 minutes and the topic that lengthned the meeting was, Yes - You guessed it Right- Comics. At that particular time, Mr MurugaDos Had shown keen interest on Comics and Yours Truly had gifted him a Book (XIII - International Version - First 3 Parts as a Single Volume).

In this particular Interview, He expressed how comics made him a creative person & How he evolved with it. Here he explains how Ambulimama, Anil Anna, Balamithra, Steel Claw (irumbbuk Kai Mayavi) helped him to become what he is now. To Hone his creativity, Writing Style and, at that age, to overcome his Inferiority complex.

P.S: Does anyone of the ComiRades have Anil Anna Comics Magazine which got published in the mid-80's. Am looking forward on this. I have the 1st 2 issues of the same.

Source: Kungumam (Tamil Weekly Magazine)

Issue: Dated 16-10-2008

Page No: 37 (Article starts from 34) To Read Complete Interview, Click Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3.

Reference: Celebrities Tamil Comics Reading Habits

Scan Courtesy: Ayyampalayam Lakshmanan Venkateshwaran-அய்யம்பாளையம் லெச்சுமணன் வெங்கடேஸ்வரன்


  1. அம்மா ஆசை இரவுகள் FanSunday, October 12, 2008 at 3:18:00 PM GMT+5:30

    கிங் விஸ்வா,

    me the 1st.

    Thanks for the news. நன்றி.

  2. From The Desk Of Rebel Ravi:

    thanks for all these updates that you are doing. it helps us to know that these celebrities also read comics just like us. keep up the good work.

    your profile says that you are in media. you seems to be friends with Directors/actors. are you in cinema industry?

    Just now bought kungumam magazine to read the entire interview.

    Rebel Ravi,

    Change is the Only constant thing in this world.

  3. Hiya,

    nice post. what happened on the contest that you announced? where is my gift?

    you are doing great work. do best.

    any updates on the tex willer 3rd part? you said it will be available in the 1st week of october. am yet to get it.

  4. In பார்த்தேன் ரசித்தேன் movie also, Irrumbu kai mayavi term was used by Director Saran in a comedy seen acted by Thaanu.

  5. Good to know an addition in the Celebrity list for our Niche Comics Fans Group. Viswa, why not publish the entire interview segment, I hope it won't cause any copyright issues, as this would be promotional purposes too.

    Ravi: Viswa is in Media, which includes, Cine,TV,Newspaper etc. So he is a lot bigger persona (தமிழில் சொல்வதென்றால், "பெரும் புள்ளி") than he pretends himself to be in humble tone :)

  6. அம்மா ஆசை இரவுகள் fan: Thank You For Your Esteemed Presence in this Blog. Hope Fully, You Will Maintain The Pole Position in the Following Blog Postings As Well.

    Rebel Ravi: Thanks For Your Comments. No Sir, Am Not in Cinema Industry, Yet. It Helps to Have Mutual Friends In Cinema Industry.

    Blogger: Thanks For Your Visit. The Contest s Still Very Much Open As Am Yet To Get Complete Set Of Answers For the Contest. Planning To Close it By Diwali.
    As for As 3rd Issue of Tex Willer Is Concerned, Am also Just Waiting for that, Just Like You. We MAY get that ANYTIME.

    Siv: Thanks a Ton for The Info. Let me watch The Movie Again. Unfortunately Never had Any Interactions With This Particular Director.

    பெரும் புள்ளி Rafiq: Just Now Scanned The Complete Interview & Will Upload it Tomorrow; Yes, There will Be No Copyright issues on doing So.

  7. nice articlee on comics with top cinema director.

    have you met the director really? is he a nice person? or just like any other cinema persons - rude and put up persona? clarify.

    improve the writing style and avoid just a writer kind of articles. Put your own knowledge on the subject. then only you can be a good blogger. all the best.

  8. thanks for providing the complete interview. liked it.

    visiting your page after 20-25 days & you have improved very well. maintain the same. If possible, follow these:

    (1) use links for related posts.
    (2) Use better Lay out design.
    (3) use more explanation than the pictures eventhough your is a comics blog where scans / pictures are valued more.
    (4) give much gap between your write ups. within 20 days, you have 15 posts (a post every second day) and hence you are not getting individual attention for all the posts and thereby lesser comments on these posts.

  9. அம்மா ஆசை இரவுகள் விசிறிThursday, October 16, 2008 at 12:37:00 AM GMT+5:30

    ஐயா கிங் விஸ்வா,

    தாங்கள் சேவை மிகவும் சிறப்பாக உள்ளது. தொடரவும்.அமாவாசை போன்ற சிலர் ஏதாவது அட்வைஸ் செய்தால் கண்டு கொள்ள வேண்டாம்.

    முடிந்தால் தமிழ்'ல் எழுத முயலவும். இல்லை என்றால் ஆங்கிலமே போதும். காமிக்ஸ் என்ற உலக மொழி'க்கு தமிழ் / ஆங்கிலம் என்ற பேதம் இல்லை.

    அம்மா ஆசை இரவுகள் விசிறி என்ற பெயர் அன்பினால் வைத்த ஒன்று. தயவு செய்து என்னை வெச்சு "காமெடி - கிமடி" செய்யாதீர்கள்.

    அம்மா ஆசை இரவுகள் விசிறி.

  10. hey,

    why don't you cover the phantom series in sunday deccan chronicle? they are nice strips.


  11. Its nice to know that the director is also a comic fan.Well,saw Ghajini recently and find it a pretty decent as a Hindi debut of this Tamilian Director.
    I too am a ardent fan and collector of comics and write/post comics often on my blog.Person interested in Phantom/mandrake and other comics can find these on my blog.


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