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3 Chennai Book Fair 2014 – CBF Day 02 Saturday 11th Jan 2014

Dear ComiRades,

Welcome back to TCU. It was really hectic week end for yours truly and hence the delay in posting regular updates. Was tied up in couple of integrations for our comics and also was making my first ever major speech on comics in a public forum. Yes, The Hindu Literary Society was courteous enough to ask me to deliver a presentation on Present trend in Tamil comics & the revival of it through social media.

Saturday was the D Day for this presentation and hence yours truly couldn’t make it to CBF 2014 venue in the morning. Group editor S Vijayan was also held up in Sun TV interview and hence he was also not there in the venue. My presentation got over by 1330 hours and then it took me about 45 minutes to reach for our stall in the book fair.

As & when i reached our stall, a surprise was waiting in the form and shape of Mr YuvaRaj; No, not THAT YuvRaj. it was a ComiRade from chennai & He brought not 1, not 2 but 20 copies of a single Muthu comics issue which was printed in the early 90’s. If you think that is surprising, you haven’t heard the full story. each and every one of them were yet to to be un pinned. Yes, they were stapled and in tact for the last 20 years.

If you thought that you are though with the surprises, then hold your horses: He GAVE away each and every one of those books to those who were present in the stall and in return he asked nothing but friendship. Have a look into the set of pictures and the man in blue and white checks is Mr YuvaRaj. Cheers to him.

DSC04430 DSC04429 DSC04431

DSC04432 DSC04433 DSC04451

Regular updates: The following are the photos which were clicked amidst the chat and discussions that was happening in the stall. TCU believes that most of these pictures will convey a lot more stories in themselves than mere words. Hence go through the pictures slowly…….

DSC04405 DSC04406 DSC04407

DSC04408 DSC04412   DSC04413

DSC04414 DSC04415 DSC04416

DSC04417 DSC04418 DSC04419

 DSC04421 DSC04422 DSC04423

DSC04424 DSC04425 DSC04426

DSC04427 DSC04428 DSC04435

DSC04444 DSC04460DSC04462

DSC04465 DSC04468DSC04469

Bloggers in our Stall:The man in the 1st photo is a regular in Editor’s site and he goes by the name Aathi Thamira.The 2nd one in green T Shirt is Mayil Ravanan, the ever popular poet. The next three photos are off ComiRade Sudharshan & Athisha, for whom you require no introductions.

DSC04411 DSC04457DSC04467

DSC04466   DSC04470

Photo’s with the Editor: One thing that most of our ComiRades wanted was to be clicked with our Group editor S.Vijayan. Here is a set of photos which were taken on Saturday evening 6-9 PM. Those who want a photo without watermark, kindly do mail.

  DSC04438   DSC04443 DSC04447

DSC04445 DSC04446  DSC04463

DSC04448 DSC04449  DSC04452

DSC04454 DSC04456      DSC04461

Celebrities in Our Stall: As usual, lot of celebrities came to our stall. Primary focus was on Kumudam Editor and his colleagues. In the 1st photo, the man next to editor (left – Dark blue shirt) is Narsim, the popular Writer and now a Script writer and actor. Next to Editor (Right – Light Colour full sleeve) is Mr Priya Kalyana Raman, Editor of Kumudam.

By the evening, one of the legends in publishing, Mr Gandhi Kannadasan came along with Mr Pugazhenthi (Now the BAPASI Supremo) and Ram kumar Ganesan, film producer and 1st son of Sivaji Ganesan.

The man in yellow shirt in the 2nd row is writer Supraja and the next photo comprises off Writer /Publisher / Media Personality Mr G Gautham and TV Programme producer Mr Saravanan, who goes by the pseudonym Unmai Thamizhan.

DSC04439 DSC04440DSC04442

DSC04453 DSC04459

Posters of our Comics in the Stall: Yesterday we produced the cover designs made by our ace designer Malaiyappan. Today is the turn for showing off the poster designs made by Ponnan. Here we go:

DSC04523 DSC04524 DSC04525

DSC04526 DSC04527 DSC04528

DSC04529 DSC04530 DSC04531 DSC04532 

Well, that’s all for this post and  as we have launched 4 new titles in this CBF 2014 & We shall see a quick review of 2nd title in those 4 books tomorrow here in TCU & Our coverage will also continue for tomorrow as well.

As usual, post your comments in the comments section. For those who want to Pen their thoughts in Tamil, Kindly Use the Option Provided in the Widget section or Click Here.

Thanks & Regards, 
King Viswa


  1. தாகம்... தாகம்... இன்னும்... இன்னும்... :)

  2. Good coverage, lot of new information - even editor haven't mentioned them in his post. Long live Yuvaraj for donating those books.
    Can you get some close up shots of books ?

    1. Just click on each one of the images. they will open in a new page


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