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33 XIII - A TCU Special Coverage

Dear ComiRades,

Pongal Wishes to One and All. Hope you would have read the Special Pongal post of Comics Doctor and to answer the query that was raised in the comments section, TCU is doing this special Intro Post.

XIII Part 1 Thigil Comics Issue 11 1986 Front CoverLet me tell you that this is not a review post. this post is all about two Things:The Possible Chance of XIII Being Available in Print Media and Electronic Media in the Near Future. Let us start with Print Media. For the Un-Initiated, XIII is a Franco-Belgian Comic Series Written and Drawn By Belgians Jean Van Hamme and William Vance, Respectively. the Plot revolves around an amnesiac protagonist who seeks to discover his concealed past with a possible charge of Assassinating the President of US of A. XIII was initially serialised in 1984 in Spirou, and was later published by Daragaud. The series consists of 19 Albums with each one of them being off 44 pages.

ComiRades will remember that the same series is been published by Tamil Nadu Based (Publishers of Lion and Muthu Comics) Prakash Publishers' Thigil Comics way back in the Mid 80's as issue no 6. Actually Speaking, the Plot for XIII was inspired from the Robert Ludlum's Best selling 1980 Novel the bourne identity, which was later filmed in 2002 with Matt Damon donning the Lead character in all the 3 Bourne series: The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum.

Now, this particular series has been followed by ComiRades for 23 Years (Close to Yours Truly's Age, Unlike Other Comi-Blogging Uncles Out here) and the interest level has never ever waned. The Following are the Rare Collection of Cover scans of all the 10 XIII Issues Published so far in Tamil. Part 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 Are Available with the Publishers in their Stock.

XIII Part 2:Lion Diwali SuperSpecial Issue No 42 XIII Part 3:Thigil Comics Issue No 50 XIII Part 4:Thigil Comics Issue No 60
XIII Part 2 Lion Comics Issue 42 October 1986 Cover Lion Diwali Super Special 

XIII Part 3 Thigil Comics Issue 50 Front Cover XIII Part 4 Thigil Comics Issue 60 Front Cover
XIII Part 5:Lion Comics Issue No 110 XIII Part 6:Lion Comics Issue No 122 XIII Part 7:Lion Comics Issue No 136
XIII Part 5 Lion Comics Issue 110 March 1995 Front Cover XIII Part 6 Lion Comics Issue 122 July 1997 Front Cover XIII Part 7 Lion Comics Issue 136 Front Cover
XIII Part 8:Lion Comics Issue No 144 XIII Part 9:Lion Comics Issue No 153 XIII Part 10:Lion Comics Issue No 155
XIII Part 8 Lion Comics Issue 144 October 1998 Front Cover XIII Part 9 Lion Comics Issue 153 September 1999 Front Cover XIII Part 10 Lion Comics Issue 155 January 2000 Front Cover

All said and done, M/s Prakash Publishers are to be congratulated for introducing  such wonderful characters to Tamilians, Let alone Indians / Asians. When a Single issue of the series costing more than Rs 600/- in the international market, Prakash Publishers have done a great favour to us by publishing all these volumes at Rs 200/- Only. However, what saddens TCU is the fact that still many of the ComiRades are yet to Book this special issue. As per the Communication TCU Has, the booking is yet to touch 400 Numbers and this is what hurts TCU the most. Let the first work after reading this be either sending a D.D or Cheque in Favour of Prakash Publishers in the following address: M/s Prakash Publishers, No 8/D-5, Chairman P.K.S.A.A Road, Amman Kovil Patti, Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India, Pin Code - 626189. Phone: 04562-272649.

For the last one year, this has been advertised enough. In spite of that, There is not much of response from the ComiRades. Come On Guys, Let us Help him Out. Those who can, try to follow this idea: Kindly gift this wonderful book to three of your best friends who do not read comics NOW. Request them to take their own sweet time to complete this story. And if they do not cry either in the 7th Part Climax or the Early parts of Part 11, Then there is something severely wrong with TCU's Taste.

XIII Collectors Special Teaser 1 XIII Collectors Special Teaser 2 XIII Collectors Special Teaser 03 XIII Collectors Special Teaser 3
XIII Collectors Special Teaser 4 XIII Collectors Special Teaser 5 XIII Collectors Special Teaser 3 XIII Collectors Special Teaser 33

XIII The Conspiracy TV Mini Series Here Comes the most interesting part of the Post: A 2-part TV mini-series, called XIII: The Conspiracy starring Val Kilmer and Stephen Dorff was shown on French premium television channel Canal+ in October 2008.It was first shown on TV in France on October 6 and 13, 2008 on Canal+ and is scheduled to be broadcast in both Canada on Global Television and in the USA on NBC February 8th and 15th. The Best News is that it is available in India in HBO Channel with Sub-Titles. The telecast has been already done twice and the schedule for the next set is as follows:

XIII The Conspiracy - Part 1: 19-01-2009, Monday Afternoon 12 PM
XIII The Conspiracy - Part 2: 20-01-2009, Tuesday Afternoon 12 PM

There are changes in this TV Series.The President of U.S of A, Wally Sheridan becomes Sally Sheridan, Their first female president, etc. TCU Doesn't wish to play Spoilsport here by giving other info related to XIII TV Series. Val Kilmer is playing the role of Mangoose and he does a terrific job. Each one of the episodes has a run-time of 86 Minutes and they are a treat to watch. Don't miss them. The first part is titled similar to the first volume of XIII. i.e The Day of the Black Sun. However, the second part is changed to All the tears of Hell.

As usual, post your comments in the comments section. For those who want to Pen their thoughts in Tamil, Kindly Use the Option Provided in the Widget in the sidebar.

Thanks & Regards,
King Viswa.


  1. //Close to Yours Truly's Age, Unlike Other Comi-Blogging Uncles Out here//

    மாமோவ், உனக்கு இருக்குடியோவ்.

  2. kindly check out This for the timings of those who live in USA:

  3. விஸ்வா,

    உங்கள் காமிக்ஸ் பதுக்குமிடம் வெகு விரைவில் கொள்ளையிடப்படும், டாக்.செவனின் ரகசியப் பாசறைக்கு சென்று விட்டு அடுத்த பாய்ச்சல் உங்களிடம் தான்.

    தாத்தா விஸ்வா நாங்களெல்லாம் அங்கிள்களா, உங்கள் பேரன் வயது தான் எங்களிற்கு ஆகிறது, என்றாலும் காமெடி பண்ண வயதில் முதிர்ந்தவர்க்கு உரிமையிருக்கிறது.

    முத்து காமிக்ஸின் முயற்சிகளின் அருமை ரசிகர்களிற்கு புரிவதில்லை. இன்று தமிழில் ஒர் காமிக்ஸ் என்று சொல்லிக் கொள்ள அதனை விட்டால் வேறு வழியில்லை. அதன் வளர்சிக்கு பதிவை படிக்கும் என்னைப் போன்ற இளைஞர்கள் தோள் கொடுப்பார்கள் என்றே எண்ணுகிறேன், அதே போன்று லயன் காமிக்ஸும் வாசகர்கள் அனுப்பும் மெயில்களிற்கு தவறாது பதிலளிப்பதை வழக்கமாக்கி கொள்ளல் வாசக உறவிற்கு இன்றியமையாதது என்பதனையும் கருத்தில் கொள்ளல் வேண்டும்.

    தொலைக்காட்சி தொடரினைப்பற்றிய பதிவொன்றினை நீங்கள் பதிந்திடுவீர்கள் என நம்புகிறேன்.

    உங்கள் ரசனையில் உங்களிற்கு ஏன் இந்த சந்தேகம்,வயது எக்கச்சக்கமாக எகிறிவிட்டது என்பதினாலா!!!

    உற்சாகத்துடன் தொடருங்கள்

  4. இளமை துள்ளும் கிங் விஸ்வா அண்ணா (இப்படி அண்ணா என்று சொல்வதன் மூலம் நான் உங்களை விட வயதில் சின்னவன் என்று புரிய வைக்கிறேன்).

    மிகவும் நல்ல பதிவு இது. இந்த அட்டை படங்களை எல்லாம் பார்க்கும் போது ஷங்கர் விஸ்வலிங்கம் அவர்களின் கொள்ளை அடிக்கும் எண்ணத்தில் தவறு ஏதும் இல்லை என்றே தோன்றுகிறது.

    வர வர உங்கள் பதிவில் படங்கள் அதிகமாகவும், எழுத்துக்கள் குறைவாகவும் உள்ளது. என்ன காரணம்?

    இந்த படம் பற்றிய தகவல் மிகவும் பயனுள்ளதாக இருக்கிறது. ஆனால் என்ன செய்வது? இவை வார நாட்களில் ஒளிபரப்பாகிறது. அதனால் இதனை பார்க்க இயலாது. வார இறுதி நாட்களில் மறு ஒளிபரப்பு நடக்கும்போது தான் இதனை பார்க்க இயலும்.

    அந்த ஜேம்ஸ்பாண்ட் காமிக்ஸ் இதழின் கடைசீ கதை இரண்டு மாதங்களாக தூங்குகிறதே? அதை சற்று கவனிக்க கூடாதா?

    தொடர்ந்து எழுதுங்கள்.

    அம்மா ஆசை இரவுகள் விசிறி.

  5. Hiya,

    very nice collection of scans of all the covers. it makes me envy of you on tha fact that you have all the 10 books published so far in XIII Series.

    Earlier, i used to think that since it is called XIII, They will stop publishing with 13 episodes itself. You have mentioned that there are 19 stories so far printed. however, lion comics are publishing only 18. why so?

    i expected a review of either the story or the TV Series. you dissappointed me by doing none of the two.hopefully in the future, we want you to cover the tv series atleast to present us.

    thanks in advance.

  6. Viswa Ji,

    you have made a mistake in hurry. instead of adding the "Advance Registration Coupon" you have added the same scan again. kindly change it.

    the movie details are good. still, i have a doubt. in the IMDB link, the movie is said to be of 2 Hours in length. in the other link that you gave of HBO, They say the movie runs for 86 minutes. which one is true? clarify.

    all the best for the surprise post on monday.


  7. Hey Viswa I was waiting for this post of urs since you spoke bout it, cool collection, I want to know if the publisher is publishing these titles in English or is it just Tamil version (I'll need english subtitles in the latter case ;) ) Why is HBO Broadcasting it on weekdays that also in the afternoon??? this is so stupid mann...I dnt have Tata Sky Plus, can't record it :( lets see if there is a late night broadcast some day...

  8. Hi Toon Factory,

    Cheziyan Here. Am a Close Friend of Viswa.
    (1) The Publisher is printing these only in Tamil as he has rights for only tamil Language. Sorry for that.
    (2) HBO Already broadcasted this on a Saturday 2 weeks Back and i SMS'ed Viswa Ji on that Day regarding this. Actually this is the 3rd time telecast of the 2 parts in HBO in the last 3 weeks.
    (3) I Will try to record this & will pass it on to Viswa Ji Anyway. Will send an additional copy for you as well, if you really want.


  9. விஸ்வா,

    நல்ல முயற்சி இது. ஆனால் நீங்கள் டாக்டர் அவர்கள் ஒரு பதிவு போட்டதால் இந்த பதிவை போட்டீர்களா என்ன? அட்டை படங்கள் மிகவும் பிரம்மதம். இந்த லயன் காமிக்ஸ் தீபாவளி மலர் அட்டையை (முன் அட்டை மற்றும் பின் அட்டை) நான் பார்பது இதுவே முதல் முறை. அருமையான படம் இந்த XIII டிவி தொடர்.

    இந்த தொடரை நான் ஏற்கனவே டிசம்பரில் பார்த்து விட்டேன். இந்த பதிவை தான் நான் இடலாம் என்று எண்ணி இருந்தேன். இதன் டவுன்லோட் இணைய தளத்தை நான் உங்களுக்கு அனுப்புகிறேன். பாருங்கள். ஆனால் சப்-டைட்டில் வசதி இல்லாதது ஒரு குறை.

    இதனால் நான் வேறு ஒரு சினிமா காமிக்ஸ் பதிவை தயார் செய்து விட்டு வருகிறேன்.


  10. Download A Lucky Luke Adventure - DALTON CITY [ Comic - English - Pdf ]


  11. விஸ்வா ஜி,

    இந்த LIMAT என்கிற ஆள்தான் உங்க XIII - ஐஸ்பர்க் காமிக்ஸ் பதிவில் வந்து TAMIL என்கிற பேரில் லிங்க் கொடுத்த ஆளு (SATYAM - MAYTAS மாதிரி LIMAT - TAMIL). அப்புறம் இவரோட அந்த ப்ளாக்'கையே காணல.

    Here is the Link for thatPost (Look for the last comment):

    திரும்பவும் வந்துட்டாரா? வாழ்த்துக்கள்.


  12. I have 12 parts of XIII comics and 3 - Lucky Luke comics in english.I downloaded these from Now that links are dead. So I deleted those links from blog. If u want it , tell me. i will upload in any file share site.

    - limat

  13. அய்யா,

    இந்த LIMAT'ஓட ப்ளாக்'ஐ மறுபடியும் காணலை.

    செக் செய்து பாருங்கள்.

  14. kindly do that Limat. that will be of great help for all those fans who wanted to read them in english.

    if my memory serves me to the correct point, in English XIII got published only upto 3 parts and that too was published as 6 books (part 1 = 2 books, part 2 = 2 books and part 3 = 2 books) and these books were also sold as a collectors item (all 3 parts or all 6 books).

    after which, i do not know any of the publisher (be it dark horse or any of the american publisher) publishing XIII in english.

    so, if you can do that, then it will be of great help. in fact i have collected upto 17 parts in french. that is very tough. whn you have the book with you and not able to read it. so, kindly do publish them now.

    thanks srini for continuing your comics efforts by running this blog.

  15. அய்யா, சாமி, லிமட்,தயவு செய்து அந்த கதைகளை upload செயுமை. நாங்கள் எல்லாம் சில காலமாக காமிக்ஸ் எதுவும் வாங்காமல் இருந்தோம். இப்போது இதனை பார்த்தவுடன் படிக்கும் ஆசை வந்து விட்டது.

    போடுய்யா போடு. பல கதைகளை போடு.

  16. ரவீந்திரன் சார்,

    இந்த ப்ளாக் நண்பர் ஸ்ரீனி இயக்கம் ப்ளாக் அல்ல. இது நண்பர் கிங் விஸ்வா'வின் ப்ளாக் ஆகும். நன்றாக கவனியுங்கள்.

  17. download error. the downloaded file is not getting opened. Limat, check out this.


  19. நண்பர் கிங் விஸ்வா அவர்களே,

    புதிதாக ஒரு பதிவு இட்டு உள்ளேன். பாருங்களேன்:

  20. HI
    XIII Mobile Game for Nokia N Series.

    Mariyappan S S

  21. J = Thanks J. Am sorry that i had to reveal your name.

    Anony = Thanks for the Lnk.

    சங்கர விஸ்வலிங்கம் = கொள்ளை கூட்டத்திடம் இருந்து நான் சற்று ஜாகிரதையாகத்தான் இருக்க வேண்டும் போல இருக்கிறதே. நீங்கள் கூறியது போலவே விரைவில் இன்னொரு பதிவு வரும்.

    அம்மா ஆசை இரவுகள் விசிறி = இனிமேல் அதிகம் எழுத முயற்சி செய்கிறேன். விரைவில் ஜேம்ஸ் பாண்ட்'ன் காணிக்கை முடித்து விடுகிறேன்.

    Blogger = The actual XIII Story ends with Part 12. After which for the commercial purpose they are dragging it on. Will do the review very soon.

    Chezhi = Thanks for pinting it out. Of late, TCU is committing more errors than usual. Will try to minimise that. The parts (1 and 2) are of 86 minutes in length. BTW, Thanks for answering.

    Toon Factory: Hope you got the answers. waiting for more from you.

    க கொ க கூ = மன்னிக்கவும். நீங்கள் இதைப் பற்றி எழுத இருந்தது எனக்கு தெரியாது. மேலும் பல அறிய இடுகைகளை உங்களிடம் இருந்து எதிர் பார்க்கிறோம்.

    To Limat and al those who wanted the scans = Thanks for the comments.

    Mariyappan = Thanks for the info. Nice Orkut photo you have.

  22. Hi Ravindhar & Other,
    You are correct “The first three issues were translated professionally in English”.
    The rest were translated (By Unknown person) using Paint and Google Translate, from German issues. There are numerous errors (grammatical, conversations that might not make sense). But just go along with them and you can still follow the story.

    I’m adding some more points to “XIII – TCU Special Coverage” post by Viswa ji.
    Here I will give you Summaries of 13 issues which I download from Internet.

    Part 1: "The Day of the Black Sun" (1984)
    The epic begins! A man drifts ashore with no name and no memory... only the strange tattoo "XIII" on his shoulder. He is immediately hounded by the killers of a mysterious assassin named "The Mongoose", and soon learns he looks like the man that shot the President! Is he the hitman that the FBI is after? He only knows it's up to him to uncover his past...

    Part 2: "Where the Indian Walks" (1985)
    "XIII" finds out he's just a pawn in a big conspiracy. He also discovers his real name is Steve Rowland and travels to meet his family who believed he had died years ago. He tries to find the hiding place of his missing wife with only one clue: "Where the Indian walks". All-the-while Steve has a feeling that there's something foul in the house of Rowland...

    Part 3: "All the Tears of Hell" (1986)

    XIII is captured and despite his similar appearance, believes he is not Steve Rowland; which is why he is thrown into the "Plain Rock" insane asylum. How can he prove his innocence from inside a prison... Especially with a doctor that may have a hand in this conspiracy and vows to make XIII cry all the tears of hell!

    Part 4: "SPADS"(1987)

    XIII hides in a training camp as a member of the SPADS, an elite military regiment, under the guise that he believes might be his real name: Ross Tanner! Meanwhile, Colonel Amos investigates the men on a list of people that could be XIII's true identity.

    Part 5: "Red Alert" (1988)

    The true plot of the conspiracy has begun to unfold! XIII struggles to bring Betty back into the United States so she can testify in court. He must
    travel to Washington and stop the governmental coup that is being disguised as the "Red Alert" drill before the whole United States is taken over. It's up to XIII to spoil the plan!
    Part 6: "The Jason Fly File" (1989)

    The chaos is finally over. Now XIII has his file and knows he must recover his past by traveling to his childhood town of Greenfalls, a small mountain town covered in snow. However, the town’s people seem to be hiding something. When Jason starts digging too deep into the town's history, an attempt on his life shuts off the town from the outside world!

    Part 7: "The Night of August 3rd" (1990)

    Leaders of the town try desperately to cover up the town's dark history... and to kill XIII! With Jason framed for murder, the manhunt in Greenfalls is on! Jones and Jason try to escape, but the Mongoose is hot on their heels as Jason uncovers the mysterious death of his father almost twenty years ago.

    Part 8: "Thirteen Against One" (1991)

    The odds are against XIII when he tries to unmask the true identity of the conspiracy's leader; the infamous number I! He sets out on the trail but is
    followed by the unknown Ned Bancroft. Jason tries to find Kim Rowland who may hold the secret, and learns that The Mongoose has escaped from his high security prison. Can number I be fingered or is Jason only trying to sail a sinking ship? It's XIII against I!

    Part 9: "For Maria" (1992)

    Vacation time is cut short when a phone call informs Jason he has a wife named Maria! He fly’s to Costa Verde to see if she will help him awaken his memories, but she is the one in need of help... as she is locked in prison waiting in death row! XIII wants answers but his undercover spy work merely complicates the matter when he only finds an old foe in Felicity!

    Part 10: "El Cascador"(1994)

    Jason is captured and taken to the notorious prison known as Roca Negra. XIII escapes with Maria and fights his way out of the reach of General Peralta's troops. Afterwards, the rebels have successfully overtaken Costa Verde, and XIII finds himself on trial for treason! But what will the verdict be?

    Part 11: "Three Silver Watches"(1995)

    It's the moment XIII has been waiting for: the true story of his family and heritage! Unfortunately it's not the kind of story he was expecting to hear; a horrific, twisting tale of tragedy and death. While his dark past is being revealed, Jason must put a stop to Peralta's military advancement in the north.

    Part 12: "The Verdict"(1997)

    Benjamin Carrington has gone insane! He's kidnapped the President and demanded that only Jones and Mac Lane to try and find him. Holding up in a nuclear weapons base, Carrington has the world at his mercy, but
    does the President really need rescuing or is there a method to Carrington's madness?

    Part 13: "The XIII Mystery: The Inquiry" (1999)

    Ron and Warren are two reporters, digging too deep into the conspiracy behind the President's assassination. When Ron is killed and Warren goes on the run, you get the chance to have a peek at all the secret files they've compiled, featuring in-depth descriptions of all the characters from the story so far as well as revealing "deleted scenes"!

  23. Hi King Viswa,
    Just now called to Prakash Publishers regarding LION collector's spl - XIII, they said the release will be by next week. Is it true? am very eager to send DD. May i?.


  24. Hi! is there any possible way to receive "Rathhapadalam" Mega Issue? @ singapore?

  25. //Anonymous said... 31
    Hi! is there any possible way to receive "Rathhapadalam" Mega Issue? @ singapore?//

    Yes Sir. Why Not?

    All you have to do is to call the Prakash Publishers (The publishers of Lion Comics in Sivakasi) in this Number: 04562-272649 and give your complete address and ask for the mode of payment (Mostly a cheque favouring Prakash publishers, payable at sivakasi will do) and the amount for the shipping of that 1.04 KG book to singapore. Or else, mail me at "" and i will let you know what else can be done.

  26. old comics for sale

  27. Hi Friends,

    I am from Madurai, I am a big fan of Tamil comics, I need to buy tamil comics, Where I can buy tamil comics at Madurai ? also I have sent to prakash publisher's email id ( but unfortunately it is failed to send there is no domain in this kindly help friends




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