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31 Review N5: Muthu Comics # 311 Norungiya Naanal Marmam - நொறுங்கிய நாணல் மர்மம் – Detective Julian – Buck Ryan – Feb 2009

Dear ComiRades,

Those who are blessed with Sharp Memory can recall that Muthu Comics No. 309 was On Sale from the 1st week of July 2008 (சித்திரமும் கொல்லுதடி) Featuring Nick Raider (C.I.D ராபின் in Muthu Comics) and Muthu Comics No. 310 was on sale from 28th Oct 2008 (After a Gap of 105 Days) பொன்னில் ஒரு பிணம் featuring Martin Mystery (மர்ம மனிதன் மார்டின் in Muthu Comics).

So, after 98 Days Yours Truly received Muthu Comics Issue No 311 today (3rd Feb 2009). The first issue from Prakash Publishers in this particular year. The feeling was ecstatic and can't be described in words. However, there is a big danger of this kind of Schedule: What happens normally when you receive a book after a gap of 3 months, your expectation level goes up day by day while waiting for the book and when the story turns out to be a normal to average one, the reader gets angry. Mr S.Vijayan, the Famed editor of Muthu Comics, must consider this also.

The Latest issue of Muthu Comics is titled as Norungiya Naanal Marmam - நொறுங்கிய நாணல் மர்மம் (The Case of the Broken Thistle) featuring Buck Ryan who is Christened as “Detective Julian” in Muthu Comics (for reasons known to the Editor himself). This is Detective Julian’s third adventure to get published in Lion Comics. The first two adventures didn’t create much impact with the ComiRades. However, the title of the latest issue itself has created a lot of ripples in the comics circle.The arrival of this book has also eased some of the pain from watching my favourite Tennis Player Roger Federer losing (Again) to Rafael Nadal (Who has the support of our comics Doctor) in the Epic Men’s Singles Final of Australian Open 2009 Day Before Yesterday.  

Muthu Comics No 311 – Norungiya Naanal Marmam – 67 Page Story Original Cover of நொறுங்கிய நாணல் மர்மம் English-Reference
Muthu Comics Issue No 311 Dated 03-02-2009 Buck Ryan Detective Julian Norungiya Naanal Marmam Front Cover Detective Julian Buck Ryan Broken Thistle

The Storyline is very much similar to what has now been registered as “Buck Ryan – Detective Julian Style” whereby the story unfolds with lots of twists and the way the case is solved is a classic case of how to move a detective thriller. Kindly read the story as TCU is in No Mood to disclose the storyline, as a norm over the reviews and also to keep the ComiRades enthusiasm till they get this book.

1st Page of நொறுங்கிய நாணல் மர்மம் Detective Julian/BuckRyan Editor S.Vijayan’s Comics Time in நொறுங்கிய நாணல் மர்மம்
Muthu Comics Issue No 311 Dated 03-02-2009 Buck Ryan Detective Julian Norungiya Naanal Marmam 1st Page Muthu Comics Issue No 311 Dated 03-02-2009 Buck Ryan Detective Julian Norungiya Naanal Marmam Editors Time

There was a second story in this book as well. It features Roger Moore. More details on this are furnished elsewhere in this post. The Next issue is the much advertised Mandrake Adventure நிழல் எது? நிஜம் எது?

Agent Roger Moore -The Saint – Story 1st Page47 Page Story Next Issue Advertisement–Mandrake After a Long Gap–Will it be Liked?
Muthu Comics Issue No 311 Dated 03-02-2009 Saint Agent Roger Moore 1st Page Muthu Comics Issue No 311 Dated 03-02-2009 Next Issue

As mentioned elsewhere in this post, this is the third appearance of Buck Ryan – Detective Julian in Lion Comics. The first and second adventures are available with M/s Prakash Publishers and you can order this to make your complete collection of Buck Ryan series in Lion Comics.

Buck Ryan’s 1st Adventure in Lion Comics As Detective Julian Issue No 152,Dated Sep 1999, கார்ட்டூன் கொலைகள் Buck Ryan
Lion Comics Issue 152 Sept 1999 Detective Julian Buck Ryan Cartoon Kolaigal Wrapper Lion Comics Issue 152 Sept 1999 Detective Julian Buck Ryan Cartoon Kolaigal 1st Page
Buck Ryan’s 2nd Adventure in Lion Comics As Detective Julian Issue No 158,Dated Feb 2000 பரலோக பரிசு Buck Ryan
Lion Comics Issue 158 Feb 2000 Detective Julian Buck Ryan Paraloga Parisu Wrapper Lion Comics Issue 158 Feb 2000 Detective Julian Buck Ryan Paraloga Parisu 1st Page

Detective Julian was Actually introduced to the Tamil ComiRades By Rani Comics under the Name Rayan (துப்பறியும் நிபுணர் ராயன்), Which was very close to his original Name Ryan. Kudos to Mr Ramajayam who was instrumental in bringing this wonderful character to Tamil Language. Buck Ryan has appeared in 4 Stories when Mr RamaJayam was planning the issues (3 of them got published while he was in charge and 1 got published when he left Rani Comics). Here are the Details of the issues in which Ryan made his presence in Rani Comics.

Buck Ryan’s 1st Appearance in Rani Comics in எகிப்திய மம்மி Issue No 57,Dated 1st Nov 1986,Mayakka Oosi மயக்க ஊசி Buck Ryan
Rani Comics Issue 57 Nov 1 1986 Egipthiya Mummy 2nd Story Buck Ryan First Appearance Rani Comics Issue 57 Nov 1 1986 Egipthiya Mummy 2nd Story Buck Ryan First Appearance 1st Page
Buck Ryan’s 2nd  Appearance in Rani Comics in துப்பறியும் பெண் Issue No 69,Dated 1st May 1987 துப்பறியும் பெண் Buck Ryan
Rani Comics Issue 69 May 1 1987 Thuppariyum Pen Buck Ryan 2nd Appearance Rani Comics Issue 69 May 1 1987 Thuppariyum Pen Buck Ryan 2nd Appearance 1st Page
Buck Ryan’s 3rd Adventure in Rani Comics ஜனாதிபதி கொலை Issue No 83,Dated 1st Dec 1987 ஜனாதிபதி கொலை Buck Ryan
Rani Comics Issue 83 Dec 1 1987 Janathipathi Kolai Buck Ryan 3rd Appearance Rani Comics Issue 83 Dec 1 1987 Janathipathi Kolai Buck Ryan 3rd Appearance 1st Page
Buck Ryan’s 4th Adventure in Rani Comics கொலைகார கேப்டன் Issue 102,Dated 16th Sep 1988 கொலைகார கேப்டன் Buck Ryan
Rani Comics Issue 102 Sept 16 1988 Kolaikara Captain Buck Ryan 4th Appearance Rani Comics Issue 102 Sept 16 1988 Kolaikara Captain Buck Ryan 4th Appearance 1st Page

Some of the Strips of Buck Ryan drawn by Jack Monk are available in Net and here are few samples for the TCU Readers:

Buck Ryan’s Daily Strip Drawn By Jack Monk in Daily Mirror Daily Mirror Strips of Buck Ryan for Reference – Jack Monk
Buck Ryan Detective Julian Drawn By Jack Monk in Daily Mirror Sample 3  Buck Ryan Detective Julian Drawn By Jack Monk in Daily Mirror Sample 2 Buck Ryan Detective Julian Drawn By Jack Monk in Daily Mirror

As per the latest trend in TCU, Here are the details of the Creative People behind this wonderful comics. It was very tough to get the background details of the creative people and TCU has done the very best to provide the maximum details possible. Apologies for Not getting Their Photo’s, Though.

Jack Monk, The creator of Buck Ryan, Graduated from the Bolton art school and made his debut as, of all departments, a sports illustrator for the Bolton Evening News. He subsequently worked for the Evening Chronicle.Later on He Joined The Daily Express. In 1934, he created two comic strips for the Daily Express - 'Can You Beat It?' and 'The Funny Side of Northern Towns'. These two kept Jack Monk busy for two years.Later on, he joined the Daily Mirror and made an adaptation of Edgar Wallace's 'Terror Keep' with Don Freeman. That was the first time that Jack Monk was working with Freeman.

In 1937, ‘Terror Keep’ ran into Copyright Issues and the Writer-Artist Duo had to stop working on that title. That was the time they decided to go for their own strip series without any "Inspiration" 'Buck Ryan. The strip ran in The Daily Mirror from 22 March 1937 to July 1962. 25 Years of run for a strip. Amazing run, indeed. However, Only when Compared to "Kanni Theevu - கன்னி தீவு" of Tamil Daily Thina Thanthi தினத்தந்தி, this longevity gets diluted.

The profile of Buck can be defined as: Young British private investigator, brown-haired and two-fisted, Battles crime and evil wherever he found it, whether the criminals were kidnapers, German spies, or more interesting villains like the crime boss, Twilight. Buck had a habit of taking in reformed villainesses as his sidekicks. The stories of Buck Ryan are often described as Slow by the present generation of ComiRades, who fail to understand the subtle variations that keep the mystery element engaging till the very end. Slow, May Be. Boring – Never.

In the Mid 1960s, Monk started working for the comic magazines by Fleetway and D.C. Thomson, and created 'Commander Cockle' in Lion, 'Wee Tusky' in Sparky, 'Inspector Jellicoe' in Hornet and 'Million Pound Mutt' in Debbie. A Complete research on these magazines show that apart from Buck Ryan, no other work of Jack Monk appeared in Tamil Language, Or for that matter, in India.

Description Artist for Buck Ryan – Detective Julian Script Writer for Buck Ryan
Pseudonym Monk Don Freeman
Full Name Jack Asthian Monk Don Willie Freeman
Nationality United Kingdom United Kingdom
Time Line 1904 – ? (Still Trying to Get Details) 1911 - ?
Info Links Wiki Link, Lambiek Link Lambiek Link, Belinda, jane
Famous For Buck Ryan Adventures Of Jane
Creator Of Terror Keep, Commander Cockle, Inspector Jellicoe, Million Pound Mutt (Debbie) Belinda Blue Eyes (Daily Mirror), Adventures Of Jane (Daily Mirror)

Logo Of Saint – Simon Templar

The Second Story in Muthu Issue No 311 is பாவம் ஒரு புலி featuring Super Star Roger Moore. Agent Roger Moore / Saint is appearing for the 5th time in Prakash Publishers with this story. Simon Templar is a British fictional character known as The Saint (Named as per his initials) in a long-running series of books by Leslie Charteris published between 1928 and 1963. After that date other authors collaborated with Charteris on books until 1983; two additional works produced without Charteris' participation were published in 1997. The character has also appeared in motion pictures, radio dramas, comic strips, and three television series.

He has the unique record of appearing in most of the Prakash Publishers Comics. Here is the record:

(1) Thigil Comics – Made his Debut with Kodai Malar 1986 in விரட்டி வரும் மரணம்

(2) Mini Lion Comics – Appeared in தெரிந்தவரை பற்றி தெரியாதவை Segment.

(3) Muthu Comics – Appeared in Issue No 169 in தலை வாங்கும் சிலை

(4) Lion Comics* – Saint’s Story Appeared as James Bond 007 in Century Special.

Considering the length of the post, A Detailed post on Saint / Agent Roger Moore is awaiting in TCU and will be done very shortly with interesting details. The details of the creative heads behind this particular story are as follows:

saint Logo NoImage leslie chartier
Description Artist for Saint – Agent Roger Moore Script Writer for Saint – Agent Roger Moore
Pseudonym MS Leslie Charteris
Full Name Santiago Martin Salvador Leslie Charles Bowgyer Yin
Nationality Spain United Kingdom (Born in Singapore)
Time Line 1935 12th May 1907 – 15th Apr 1993
Info Links Lambiek Link Wiki Link, Saint Official Web Site
Famous For James Bond & The Saint The Saint
Creator Of Dick Turpin, Mendoza Colt The Saint

For Those who came in late, The following are the scans of the stories he has appeared in so far:

Introduction of Super Star Roger Moore – Free Lance Detective Not Agent Roger Moore’s 1st Story Viratti Varum Maranam விரட்டி வரும் மரணம் Back Wrapper of Thigil Kodai Malar Agent Roger Moore
Thigil Comics Issue No 17 Dated 15-04-1986 Kodai Malar Saint Agent Roger Moore Intro Page Thigil Comics Issue No 17 Dated 15-04-1986 Kodai Malar Saint Agent Roger Moore Viratti Varum Maranam 1st PageComing Soon – The Story Never Came
Thigil Comics Issue No 17 Dated 15-04-1986 Kodai Malar Saint Agent Roger Moore Coming Soon Ad
Thigil Comics Issue No 17 Dated 15-04-1986 Kodai Malar Saint Agent Roger Moore Bck Wrapper

 Here are some of the interesting info on Roger Moore (Of Course, Dated 1988).

Article About Super Star Roger Moore in Jan 1988 Issue of Mini Lion Comics – Mention About Thigil Comics

Mini Lion Comics Issue No 11 Dated 15-01-1988 Visithira Jodi Roger Moore Article

Super Star Roger Moore’s 1st Appearance in Muthu Comics - Wrapper Muthu Comics No 169–Thalai Vangum Silai தலை வாங்கும் சிலை
Muthu Comics Issue No 169 Saint Agent Roger Moore Thalai Vangum Silai Cover Muthu Comics Issue No 169 Saint Agent Roger Moore Thalai Vangum Silai 1st Page
Saint Story Appearing in Lion Comics As James Bond 007 Lion Comics 100 – Century Special – Saint Story மரண வியாபாரி
Lion Comics Issue No 100 Dated Century Special Saint Agent James Bond Front Cover Lion Comics Issue No 100 Dated Century Special Saint Agent James Bond Marana Viyabari 1st Page
Agent Roger Moore Re-Appearing in Muthu Comics in 2008 Muthu Comics Issue No 307 – Katril Karaindha Kadhanayagan
Muthu Comics Issue No 307 Dated 1-09-2008 Saint Agent Roger Moore Katril Karaindha Kadhanaayagan Front Cover Muthu Comics Issue No 307 Dated 1-09-2008 Saint Agent Roger Moore Katril Karaindha Kadhanaayagan 1st Page

Now that the story review is over, TCU Requests all the ComiRades who have enjoyed this wonderful story to rate this issue as per the following Norms: No கள்ள வோட்டு, Please. ComiRades, must take a note that their voting is made into a report form and being sent to M/s Prakash Publishers for their reference. Hence, your voting DOES Count towards the betterment of the comics that you love to read.

Parameters To Be Considered

Rating Points
Cover Art Work – Comparative with Original


Story Line – Detective Julian – Buck Ryan


Story Line – Agent Roger Moore - Saint


The Original Artwork (Respective Artists)


The Translation By Editor S Vijayan


The Editorial Section Where He Sells the Concept


Printing Quality / Packaging / Presentation


Others (Snippets / Fillers / Series / Trailers / Ads)



Rating Result



Rating Above 90


Rating Above 75 < 90


Rating Above 60 < 75


Rating Above 40 < 60

Rusted Iron

Rating Up to 40


As a Pattern, TCU Updates on the Happenings in the Tamil Comics Cyberspace Arena:

(1) Comicology: Rafiq Raja Has done a wonderful review of the Super Computer Max of the 13th Floor in his latest post Thigil Comics Issue No 56. Have a Look.

(2) அ.கொ.தீ.க: Enemy No 1, Comics Doctor Has posted a new post after a Long, Long Time. As Usual he covers up his Laziness with reasons such as Connectivity Problem, International interruptions on his growing popularity etc. This post is all about the War Related stories in Our Beloved Tamil Comics Publications.

(3) க.கொ.க.கூ: Teasers are also the the much happening thing and Mr Comics Priyan has also jumped on to this with his trailer on Secret Agent RajniKanth. The guessing game is on and so is Gummy (Very Hilarious Comments, Though).

(4) கனவுகளின் காதலன்: The Father of the Teasers, The Man who introduced Trailers to the ComiRades, Mr Kanavugalin Kaadhalan has Unveiled His (Yet Another) Master piece. Yes, he has done a complete review of the much advertised – Yet to Be Published- கோட் நேம் மின்னல் in Operation Insiders.

(5) முதலை பட்டாளம்: Mr Bruno Brazil has given us the complete list of the Mini Lion Comics and the Junior Lion Comics published by Prakash publishers with some attractive cover scans in his latest post.

Others Like Olaga Comics Rasigan (Greatest Ever Comics), Share Hunter (Vedhala Nagaram), Siv are also waiting in the wings.

Here is an Update on the Latest Happenings of Tamil Comics Publication (Who else? M/s Prakash Publishers Only).

(1) Lion Comics: The Next Issue of Lion Comics is getting ready and will be available on stands in the last week of February 2009. The story is மாண்டவன் மீண்டான் featuring Agent X-9 / Phil Corrigan.

(2) Comics Classics: ComiRades where wondering what will be the next issue of Comics Classics as there was no information about the next issue in the last Comics Classics that got released. However, Editor S Vijayan has thrown in a Surprise by mentioning that the next issue “விண்வெளி கொள்ளையர்” featuring The Greatest Ever Hero that the Tamil Comics Ulagam Has Seen – The Steel Claw இரும்புக்கை மாயாவி. The other surprise element is that it will be published in The original Size – A4. Expect a Surprise Post on this from the Comics Doctor very soon.

(3) XIII Special: Reliable sources inform that the Book is getting closer to the final stage and will reach to those who have booked it in the months of April / May. Additional information is that it is a Limited edition. Hence, Those who want to own a piece of Comics History, Go – Grab it.

Happy reading season for the ComiRades.A  Humble request to all the ComiRades who visit and Comment in TCU: Kindly do visit all the above mentioned Blogs and Do post your views over there as well. it REALLY means a Lot to all of these Bloggers.

As usual, post your comments in the comments section. For those who want to Pen their thoughts in Tamil, Kindly Use the Option Provided in the Widget in the sidebar.

Thanks & Regards,
King Viswa.


  1. Once again, a brilliant piece of work. Lot of ground work has been done to compile the post.

    Keep up the good work Viswa!!!

    Me first!!!


  2. Me the first... Haven't received the copy yet. But looking at your post... It looks you had it prepared for a long time, just waiting to receive the copy (I too did the same, but only with 50% of your data). Way to go Viswa.

    Since you have covered the majority of the details already, I can take my time to review the title at Comicology.


  3. அடச்சே, ஜஸ்ட் மிஸ்ஸூ! மீ த செகண்டு! இல்லையில்லை மீ த தர்டு! அத்க்குள்ள மின்னல் வேகத்தில் நண்பர்கள் பின்னூட்டமிட்டு விட்டனர்! அடுத்த முறை எப்படியாச்சும் ஃபர்ஸ்ட்டு வந்துடனும்!

    இந்தப் புத்தகம் எனக்குப் போன வாரம் வெள்ளியன்றே கிடைத்து விட்டது. ஆனால் நான் இருப்பது வேறு ஊரில் என்பதால் ‘கொரியர்’-ல் வரவழைத்து படித்து விட்டேன்.

    கதையை விட அதைப் பற்றி நீங்கள் கொடுத்துள்ள பின்புலத் தகவல்கள் சுவாரசியமாக உள்ளன!

    தகவல்களை முந்தித் தருவது தமிழ் காமிக்ஸ் உலகம் என்பதை மீண்டும் மீண்டும் நிரூபித்து வரும் உம்மை எவ்வளவு பாராட்டினாலும் தகும்!

    ரோஜர் மூர் பதிவை விரைவில் எதிர்பார்க்கிறேன்!

    தொடர்ந்து தூள் கிளப்புங்கள்!


  4. விஸ்வா,

    ஒர் பதிவிற்காக நீங்கள் செய்த முன் ஆயத்தங்கள் என்னை அசர வைத்துவிட்டன.

    பாராட்டுக்கள்,வாழ்த்துக்கள்.தேடலும்,உழைப்பும் இணைந்த பதிவு தோல்வி அடைவது இல்லை என்பதற்கு உங்களிடமிருந்து மற்றுமோர் உதாரணம்.

    அற்புதமான ஸ்கேன்கள், இதழ்களை நேரில் பார்த்த உணர்வை ஏற்படுத்தின என்றால் அது மிகையல்ல.

    இதழ் கையில் கிடைத்ததும் படித்து விட்டு என் வோட்டை அளிக்கிறேன்.

    லயன் காமிக்ஸ் பற்றிய பிந்திய தகவல்களிற்கு நன்றி. ஆனால் மீண்டும் ஒர் மாண்ட்ரெக்கா.. தாங்கமுடியாது சாமி. ஆறுதல் தருவது மாயாவியின் கதையினைப் பற்றிய அறிவிப்பு.

    என் பதிவினை சிறப்பாக குறிப்பிட்டதிற்கு நன்றிகள்.

    உற்சாகத்துடன் தொடருங்கள்.

  5. கிங் விஸ்வா அவர்களே,

    எங்களுக்கு எல்லாம் இன்னும் புத்தகம் வரவில்லை. ஆனால் நீங்கள் என்னடா வென்றால் இப்படி ஒரு அருமையான பதிவு இட்டு உள்ளீர்கள்.

    இதில் இருந்தே லயன் காமிக்ஸ் அலுவலகத்தில் உங்களுக்கு வேண்டிய நபர் யாரோ உள்ளார்கள் என்பது தெளிவாக தெரிகிறது.

    எனக்கு ஒரு சந்தேகம்: இந்த பரலோகப் பரிசு கதை உண்மையில் டேடேக்டிவே ஜூலியன் கதை தானா? எனென்றால் அதில் உள்ள படங்களும் கதை அமைப்பும் பெர்ரி மேசன் கதை போலவே இருக்கும். சற்று கவனியுங்கள்.

  6. Interesting article--none of the Saint artwork looks to have been reprinted from other Saint strips which makes me wonder where the strip originated.

    A comic strip written by Charteris did run for 13 years throughout the 40s, 50s and 60s and a collection of it will be available soon.

    Moore details will be posted on my web site at

  7. From The Desk Of Rebel Ravi:


    Nice update on the latest muthu comics. keep it up. you are doing a great job.

    as mentioned by the other bloggers, your pre-work before the comics release is really amazing and the new format (with creators info and previous books of the same heroes) is something you must continue from now onwards.

    by the way, did you know that roger moore story is going to come in this issue earlier? or is it a last minute addition?

    one more thing: what happened on the lion comics size issue? any updates on that?

    Rebel Ravi,
    Change is the Only constant thing in this world.

  8. கிங் விஸ்வா ஜி,

    இந்த பதிவை பாராட்டும் அதே சமயத்தில் சில பல கேள்விகளை என்னால் கேட்காமல் இருக்க முடியவில்லை. மன்னிக்கவும்:

    1. இந்த நொறுங்கிய நாணல் மர்மம் அட்டை படம் ஒரு ஆங்கில நாவல் அட்டை படத்தை நினைவு படுத்தியது. எனக்கு சரியாக நினைவு இல்லை. நண்பர்கள் (ரபிஃ ராஜ, காமிக்ஸ் டாக்டர், ஜோஸ், முத்து விசிறி, புருனோ பிரேஜில்) நினைவு படுத்தவும்.

    2. பரலோகப் பரிசு புத்தகம் உண்மையில் ஜூலியன் கதையே கிடையாது. அது டிரேக் அல்லது பெர்ரி மேசன் கதையாக இருக்க கூடும். நீங்கள் உள் படங்களை கூர்ந்து கவனித்தால் அது உங்களுக்கு புலப்படும். நமது விஜயன் சாரின் திரு விடையாளல்களில் இதுவும் ஒன்று.

    3. ரோஜர் மூர் கதை லயன் செஞ்சுரி ச்பெச்சளில் வந்தது அல்லவா? என்ன கொடுமை. அதை ஜேம்ஸ் பாண்ட் என்று கூறுவார் நமது விஜயன் சார்.

    4. மேலும் இந்த ஸ்பெஷல் புத்தகம் தான் மிகவும் சர்ச்சைக்குரிய ஸ்பெஷல் ஆகும். ஏனெனில் இதில் தான் இரண்டு டூப்ளிகேட் கதைகள் (ரோஜர் மூர் = ஜேம்ஸ் பாண்ட் மற்றும் பேட்மேன் = ஸ்ப்ய்டர்) வெளி வந்தன.


    பின் குறிப்பு: நான் ஏற்கனவே கூறியது போல மர்ம மனிதன் மார்டின் கதைகளை பற்றி ஒரு கேள்விக் குறி எழுப்பி உள்ளார் திரு விஜயன் சார். இதன் பின் புலம் நமக்கு தெரியும் அல்லவா? (ஆங்கிலத்தில் வந்த மார்டின் கதைகள் எல்லாம் முடிந்து விட்டன. எனவே என்ன நடக்கும் என்று நான் ஏற்கனவே வினா எழுப்பி இருந்தேன். உங்களுக்கு நினைவிருக்கும்). என்ன கொடுமை சார் இது?

  9. விஸ்வா,

    இப்போதே கதையை படிக்க தூண்டும் பதிவு.

    புத்தகம் கைக்கு வந்தவுடன் என்னுடைய மதிப்பெண்'ஐ அளிக்கிறேன்.

    இந்த கதையை பற்றிய உங்கள் ஆராய்ச்சிக் கட்டுரை மிகவும் அருமை.


    அம்மா ஆசை இரவுகள் விசிறி.

  10. hi,

    how can i order this book? or is it available in chennai? if so, kindly give the address or phone number .

    thanks in advance. kindly reply.

  11. Since Muthu Fan and Rafiq both claimed "me first" can I also claim "Me first"? :)

    Very nice and interesting post. Thanks to Viswa for compiling such an interesting article.

    I am not very excited about the classics comics coming out in original size. I wish Vijayan had chosen a real classic like "Uraipani Marmam" or "Beirutil Johnny" to come out in original size instead of some unknown garbage like "Vinveli kollaiyar" which I have never even heard of before. But then, I am an older reader who stopped reading comics after 1981, and missed out on the greatest comic revival period in the Lion/Muthu history. As some of you know, I started reading Muthu since the very first issue in 1972. For me those are the real classics....


  13. அய்யா சாமி, மூத்தவரே,

    இந்த கதையை பத்தி எதுவுமே சொல்லாமே விட்டீட்டிங்களே? ஏன் சார், ஏன்?

  14. hi, when is the next lion comics coming? is it corrigan story as you mentioned? where can i get?

    or give me the contact details of lion comics office. please. please.

  15. Dear ComiRades,

    Thanks for all those wonderful souls who took their Precious little time to visit this humble blog and comment on it.

    There is a Small anecdate that i have to complete before i proceed to the queries part: Yours Truly is yet to receive the Book till today. Yes Sir. That is 100% true and can be confirmed by the fact on the number of calls that am making to the Publishers for the last 10 days. TCU Got the news that the book is despatched to some of the subscribers 2 weeks back and i've traced it to the local person and got the book after a lot of travelling and hard work (That is a big and interesting story which i will share later).

    So, Rafiq - There goes the news. TCU is just another subsciber to the publishers and does not get a Royal welcome.

    Muthu Fan: Of late, it has become a FAD that whenever TCU does a Post, Muthu Fan will be the 1st one to comment on. Ofcourse, the Communication tools and Time difference also play a vital part. By the way, when Muthufan says that it is a brilliant post, Well it has to be.

    Rafiq: Well, you are just next to the great Muthu Fan. And, yes, the stories are so nice ones. I Made it a point that i read them before i can start the post and couldn't put the book down as TCU is a big fan of Buck Ryan.

    பயங்கரவாதி டாக்டர் செவன்: நன்றி தலைவரே. உங்கள் நம்பிக்கையை நான் காப்பாற்றுவேன் என்றே தோன்றுகிறது.

    சங்கரவிஸ்வலிங்கம்: அயல் நாட்டு தலைவரே, இந்த மாண்ட்ரேக் கதை சிறப்பான ஒன்றாகும். இந்த கதை (தொடர்ச்சியும் உள்ளது) உங்களுக்கு மாண்ட்ரேக் மீது உள்ள கருத்தை மாற்றும் என்று நம்புகிறேன். ஆனாலும், நீங்கள் சொல்வது போல நமது எடிட்டர் மாண்ட்ரேக் கதைகளில் சற்று கவனம் செலுத்தி நாகம், எட்டு, மாண்ட்ரேக்'ன் ஆரம்ப காலம் போன்ற தொடர்களை வெளியிட்டால் நன்றாக இருக்கும்.

    க கொ க கூ: நண்பரே, நீங்கள் கூறும் இரண்டு கருத்துக்களில் முதல் கருத்துக்கு மறுப்பு தான் என் பதில். முதல் பத்தியை படித்தவுடன் புரிந்து இருக்கும் என்றே நம்புகிறேன். இரண்டாவது கருத்து - நீங்கள் கூறியது முற்றிலும் சரி.

    Hoppy Unitaz: thanks a ton for the visit and the comment. Hope that your post on the strips will be done very soon.

    Rebel Ravi: Thanks again for the continued support. No, i didn't know that Roger Moore story is going to come in that book as the second story. However, i had a plan and guess that among john steel, wes slade, roger moore, action cowboy steeve will be the second story. hence i planned it the way.

    Lion comics will continue in the same size and format as of right now. No need to worry.

    செழி; நன்றி. இந்த அட்டை படம் த செயின்ட் என்ற பெயரில் வந்த ரோஜர் மூர் கதையின் அட்டை படம் ஆகும்.

    அம்மா ஆசை இரவுகள் விசிறி: விரைவில் படித்து விட்டு மதிப்பெண் அளிப்பெர்கள் என்று நம்புகிறேன்.

    Anonymous; The answer for your query is already been done. Anyway, here is the contact Number: 04562 - 272649.

    BN USA: Thanks for your esteemed pressence over here. Yes, you can always claim that. By the way, Comics doctor is on the verge of posting a special blog post on Steel claw story vinveli kollaiyar. Kindly have a visit over there as well.

    Anonymous: Yes, you are right. But only the first part of the seris will be coming in Muthu as the second one (which is very similar and appeared in Diamond Comics Diegest) becomes stagnant after reading the first story.

    ஜோஸ்: சாமியோவ், கதையை நீங்கள் எல்லாம் ரசிக்கணும் என்பதால் தான் எதுவுமே சொல்லலை. ஆனால் நல்ல கதை என்று சொல்லி இருக்கிறேனே? கவனிக்கலையா?

    Anonymous 3: Next Lion comics issue features Phil Corrigan and it will be available in the month of march. The answer for your second query is already been done. Anyway, here is the contact Number: 04562 - 272649.

    Eternal Sunshine; Thanks for the visit and comment.

  16. viswa sir,
    received my book only yesterday. very nice covar.

    story also ok. 2nd story of rojar mure is also ok. nice work.


  17. Dear Viswa,
    It was a nice post with lot of research. I am yet to read the book.Hope it will good...
    I was not aware about this character..
    Thanks for the history & its background...


  18. கடந்த ஒரு மாதமாக (more than that) எந்த பதிவையும் படிக்க இயலவில்லை, எப்படி இருக்கிறீர்கள் நண்பர்களே? நிறைய வாசிக்க வேண்டி இருக்கிறது...ஒவ்வொன்றாக படிக்கிறேன்
    சித்திர புத்தக மகா ரசிகன்...

  19. Dear ComiRades,

    Polling Closed For Muthu Comics Issue No 311:

    The following are the Results of the rating-

    Total Number of Voters: 22

    4% of the voters voted each for the issue is of Silver/Steel/Iron.

    9% of the voters said that the issue is of Gold (>75)

    77% of the voters said that the issue is of platinum (>90)

    Verdict: All said and done about the quality of the papers & regularity of issues, M/s Prakash Publishers are widely loved & Respected the most as for as comics as a passion is concerned.

    Judgement: Platinum. Unanimous.

    Hats off to M/S Prakash Publishers. Hip Hip Hooray. This is Sent to their Office As well.

    King Viswa.

  20. Muhilan,
    Read the Side bar carefully where you have a Number to call (04562-272649). As you are Ouside India, that is the only way you can purchase the books.

    more than 100 books from the last 8 years stock are available at the cover price (total will be close to INR 3000).

    It will be nice if you can leave your comments with your ID as it hels to reply you as well.

    King Viswa
    Carpe Diem.
    Tamil Comics Ulagam

  21. Dear Frieds

    am one of the fan of Tamil Comics.

    am from Chennai but now living in Singapore, i want the printed copies of the comics (Lion, Minilion, Muthu... all)

    how and what is the way to get these. Also i want to get the old copies for last few years.

    Please suggest me the way to get.

    write to me at

    thanks a lot for your posts.


  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. thanks for this nice post 111213

  24. does anyone know about character Mr.Jet - Android robot

  25. where to buy tamil comics stories(muthu,lion,thigil) because i am lover comics from 1971 but i missed not available in shops and paper stores please send if any one know the adreess

  26. please my advise buy thease comics books to your child let them improve reading habits in tamil. to editer vijayan please organise how many citys your books are there.

  27. hai Im Jayaprakash i want to buy entire comics collections from lion,muthu and all the issues kindly let me know how to buy


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