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Review O3: Iceberg Comics-3rd Issue-Blueberry

Dear ComiRades,

Iceberg Issue No 3 is the Bone of Contention in this post. After featuring XIII in Issue No's 1 & 2, The Editor of Iceberg decided to give a Break to XIII and decided to Bring on Mike Donovan AKA Mike Blueberry. Here is a Portrait Drawn by Jean Giraud. For those who came in late, Blueberry is the Lead Character in the Franco-Belgian comics western series created by the Belgian script writer Jean-Michel Charlier and French comics artist Jean "Mœbius" Giraud.

It chronicles the adventures of Mike Blueberry on his travels through the American Old West. Blueberry is an a-typical western hero; For He is neither the kind of a wandering lawman who brings evil-doers to justice, nor a handsome cowboy who saves the village from the Thugs and becomes the New Marshall over there - Just like the umpteen Number of Cowboy movies we have seen over the years. Have a Look at the cover of the 3rd issue of Iceberg.

Iceberg#3-FrontSimilar to 2nd edition, 3rd issue also follows the same size and Price.When we received the story, we were more than happy as we have received the Book after 7 months; Yes, the 2nd issue was on sale from 14th April 2006 & the 3rd issue was on sale from January of 2007. The Editor Mr Nisha Haran Has to be appreciated for trying to Re-Capture the international standards by having the Cover similar to the international edition.Unfortunately, i couldn't find the Cover scan of the French edition in time to compare (My personal room in Upstairs is yet to be settled after the Retirement function of My Dad on June 30th). Will post that in the near future. Mr Nisha Haran continued to voice his thoughts & Explanations for the Delay in the Editor's Page called as Hi Readers. We must take note the continuation of writing style and standards followed by Him. Hats of to you sir. We are not Complaining on the Delay Part. We are not in-humans to ask for Books when you are in the Midst of the TOUGHEST political scenario over there. Rather, we appreciate your Love for Comics.

Those, who want to Thank Mr Nisha Haran can visit their Official Site (Which is very much alive & Kicking in spite of the situation.) and pen their support by posting a comment over there in the messages part. It will be of Great support to that Wonderful person, who is worth his weight in Gold. The story, Titled ila Ratham = Young Blood, is about the origin of Blueberry. Have a Look at the 1st page of the story, set in the peak of civil war ridden 1861 where the then persona of Mike Donovan is revealed by Landlord Tucker. A Rich Spoilt Brat that he is, Mike is Loved By the daughter of Tucker. The circumstances force Mike to run away from the Home. 


This is the part of the story where the Historic event happens. The Re-Naming of Mike Donovan as Mike Blueberry By himself happens here only. When a soldier asks his name, Mike looks in the bushes (He cannot reveal his real name) and looks at the Blueberries over there and Names himself as "Mike Blueberry".


The Best part is that this particular hero has already been introduced to Tamil by the Redoubtable Prakash Publishers as Captain Tiger. Once the 3rd issue of iceberg was on sale, Prakash Publishers changed their Story from their Cow Boy Special Line up. They straightaway swapped Chick-bill for This story & the very next part of this which was announced in the Website of Iceberg Comics.

When we were waiting for the Cowboy special (Circa June 2007), Rafiq raja of Comicology and Yours truly were discussing how the Editor of Prakash Publisher will name the Hero as Captain Tiger. There were discussions among other ComiRades that there will be Tiger drawn on the Strip and Mike will look at the Tiger & get inspired to say his name is Captain Tiger.

The second part of the story is how Blueberry Grows up. This was portrayed in the Story Sattanooga Baalam.


Another set of scans from the same story. Look how the sketches were made. Mobius, You are truly a great Artist. Kudos.


The Last page of the story where the Greatest Decider of Events in Our Life, Called FATE, helps Blueberry to save his life. Imagine the situation where your Childhood Buddy is standing in front of you to kill you with loads of hatred & a Gun of course, and you have no means of escape. Bang. His Gun is empty.


Apart from these wonderful stories, there were letters from the fans (Local & Global). Have a Look on what some of these letters do say. truly amazing. Love for comics has no Boundaries, Truly.


There were some pages which were allocated for Contests, Subscriptions etc. To be very precise, the centre spreads (4 Pages) were dedicated for this purpose. Have uploaded 2 of them for you.

Iceberg#3-Insert-A Iceberg#3-Insert-B
Iceberg#3-Insert-C Iceberg#3-Insert-D

Now, this was the back wrapper of the 3rd issue of Iceberg comics. Look at the way it was made to enthuse the readers. Again, order and format was maintained just like the second issue. I was Wondering that if The Editor can do such a wonderful job from Sri Lanka, what he would have done for the wellness of Tamil comics, if he was not born in a war torn country. God Only Knows.

Iceberg#3-Back Now, this is for the ComiRades who have a Keen sense of Info related to comics. After the success of the Graphic novel, People wanted to cash in on the Name of Blueberry by making a Movie on the same. However, they made a Mistake by Choosing Mr Jon Kounen, Better known as the music video director having personal interests on Shipibo-Conibo culture and shamanism, with which he became familiar during his trips to Mexico and Peru as the director for the Movie.

Movie Poster Renegade Movie Poster

So much so, that the late Charlier's Family dis-owned the movie. This movie is loosely based on the story The Last Dutchman's Mine. Have a Look at the Movie Posters (The Movie, even though a French production was made in English & Marketed in US of A as The Renegade). On the insistence of our ComiRades, i have gone through this film. Just like the Late Charlier's family, I also disown the film as part of the Blueberry saga. True Blue ComiRades can give a Miss to this movie. If the director is a master in the Shipibo ayahuasca rituals, let him do that in one of his Music DVD's;

Meanwhile, Those who can guess the names of the trailers announced on the 1st issue of Iceberg Comics, can Mail me / Post as comments. The 1st Three Correct Entries will stand to get a Surprise Gift from Yours Truly (Separate Gifts for Those who reside in India & those who don't). Here is the cover design for the 4th Issue of Iceberg Comics.

BB_B1 Brand: Iceberg Comics (Iceberg Comics, Galle, Sri Lanka).

Title: ila Ratham

Cover Design: Normal Size, Hard Cover, Laminated.

Serial Number: No. 3, Part 1 of Blueberry's 2 part mini series.

Number of Pages: 48, Black & White.

On Sale: Jan 2007 Onwards

Price: Priceless for Comic Fans; For others, SLR 50/-

Continuity: Part 2 To Be Available Two months later (???)

Scan Courtesy: Dr 7.

Well, that's all for now guys. Feel free to post your comments and suggestions in this blog using the Comments link below my sign or send mail to

Thanks & Regards,

King Viswa.


  1. Viswa, the speed at which you update your blog is incredible. I have been drafting a post in snail's space for the past one week about Comics Classics, within which you have completed the entire run of Iceberg Comics. Hats Off to you :) and Keep it Going.

    Finally, the only Iceberg Official release which I have in possession (Viswa's courtesy) is being reviewed. It was eye-pleasing to see the wonderful artwork of Mobious on his Blueberry saga, being re-printed in quality papers (As everyone knows that Lion/Muthu follows their traditional(?!) sub-par paper quality printing for all their releases). Thanks to Nisharan for that. The Only problem I found with this release was the translation, I hoped it could have been made better. Also the Lettering work and the font choice could have been better to go along with other quality cover art, and printing.

    Blueberry, as per me, is the best Franco-Belgian Cowboy story to ever have been released. Tex Willer eventhough is more popular, doesn't stand a chance to the plot-work and the detailed artwork which is know with Blueberry saga, Credits to Mobius for that.

    Neverthless, the issue promised for a line-up of Comics from Iceberg to continue the Young Blueberry adventures. But Mr.Vijayan of Lion Comics, immediately played spoilsport by jumping the guns and releasing the complete set in his Cowboy special (titled Ilamayil Kol (aka., இளமையில் கொல்), sarcastically), thus pushing Iceberg on the backfoot, and the Editor Nisaharan silenty admitted on his website on 07/10/07 that they wouldn't be continuing the series for that reason. Mr. Vijayan could have helped his fellow tamil comic publishers, but he decided to stamp his superiority. Talking about which, Vijayan found a way to link up the names Blueberry and Captain Tiger with that storyline in Cowboy Special, in his typical style with a footnote. You can see a review of that in my blog over here.

    Iceberg tried desperately to come out of that setback, but their Issue #4 remained only in dream. I had covered a Preview about that issue in my blog, when I received a collectors edition, here. It promised a lot, but never seen the Official release. Viswa would you be reviewing that too?

    Finally, Viswa, you certainly have the flare of getting the responses from readers on the Quizzes you raise in your blog. Prizes, Early-Birds... the Marketing Geek in Full-Swing :). I should learn something from that, as the last time I tried this in my blog, in the same Cowboy Special review, I came up pale-faced with ZERO response :), and I stopped expecting any comments/reviews from readers thereafter :).

    Rafiq Raja

  2. Dear Rafiq,
    Thanks for the long & meaningful comment. It's The wishes from Good Friends like you that keeps me going On & On.

    As of right now, i do have no idea of Reviewing a Book which NEVER got Published. All we had was a Pre-Run book for sample (That was priced because the initiative didn't turned out to be fruitful).

    Currently am planning to do a Post on an Interview with Editor Nisha Haran and his inputs & future plans on Iceberg's Next move.

    Thanks for your visit & comment.

  3. Hiya,

    nice post on blueberry. actually, i never knew that there was such a movie like this with actual connection with the storyline. Very nice that you got all the background information.

    Based on the way,you present your blogs in such an organised way, you must be a teacher or faculty or something like that. am not a soothesayer, though.

    Nice post on iceberg comics issue no 3. i visited their site. Hey, they have announcement for the 4th issue. can you update on that?

  4. From The Desk Of Rebel Ravi:

    very very nice post on iceberg blueberry comics. i have downloaded the movie and watched it. eventhough the picturisation was good, the story was meaningless when compared to the original comics story.

    maybe, when i watch as a movie goer, i may like this. definitely not as a comics fan, when i have already read the dutch mans gold (Thanga Kallarai).

    thanks for the nice connection on the comics and movies. there is another movie with modesty blaise which was so great.

    Rebel Ravi,

    Change is the Only constant thing in this world.

  5. hi,
    where can i buy this comics? is it available with you in spare? kindly reply.

  6. good story on blueberry. could have compared the lion and iceberg comics and then made another post.

    what happened to the iceberg comics? are they intact? any info?

  7. விஸ்வா, உண்மையில் இந்தப் படத்தை பற்றி கேள்விப் பட்டது கூட இல்லை. நன்றி. படத்தை பார்க்கலாம் என்று நினைத்தால் உங்கள் கமெண்ட் என்னை தடுக்கிறது.

    எச்சரிக்கைக்கு நன்றி.

    அம்மா ஆசை இரவுகள் விசிறி.

  8. excellent post on the myestery books of tamil comics. where i can get this, if at all i can lay my hands on this?

    kindly info to

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    correct id is:

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